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Hi guys there is an addon which invites all characters to a guild.Do you know the name of that addon, or where can i find it?
There was a guild on my realm who used an addon which sent all unguilded characters a guild invite. Getting a guild invite pop-up every 30 minutes on every alt? Not fun. I asked them to stop. They didn't. I opened GM ticket; after I talked to GM, guild invites spam stopped.

Their reason for spamming server with guild invites was "trying to get people into guild and build a community". Guess what happened. The guild now has only 14 members, and people who were spamming the invites aren't in there.
It's a macro. Learn LUA and create your own.
Hello sorry for my bad english, but can you make me an addon like this? I want to inv people in my guild with an addon or makro but i don´t want to spam or to get banned.

Blizz really needs to fix abusing of guild invites/spam :/
21/07/2011 18:06Posted by Ketho
Blizz really needs to fix abusing of guild invites/spam :/

and you shouldnt point ppl in the right direction for such a crap ;(
there should be a macro that post in chat that you nead guild members whit a link
if they click the link they get invited

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