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Hey guys, I have a question:

My downloadspeed by downloading patches is only about ~50KB/s, and i wanted to know if that's normal? It seems a little bit slow to me doesn't it? :O
Maybe there are some methods to get the Downloadspeed a little bit faster?

If you're using windows vista or 7:

Control panel -> windows firewall -> allow a program access through the firewall -> checkmark allow changes -> checkmark everything with "blizzard" in it.
I use Windows XP
Do you use a firewall or antivirus program that might be blocking the launcher? Norton especially is notorious for doing just that.
Yeah, I use Norton, but I think I opened all Ports, which are recommended by the blizzard team, on one of the Download-page
how far away are you from the local internet hub (internet exchange) (its usualy in the nearest big town near you) and have the phone lines in your area been upgraded or are you still useing the ones you had when dial up was the big thing

me im miles away from the local internet hub
my internet also uses the old phone lines that have not been upgraded and are not suited for high speed data transfer so my download and upload speed sucks big time
I think I'm not far away from the center (hub)
and my phone lines are upgraded, I think.
17/12/2010 9:43 PMPosted by Anazar
I think I'm not far away from the center (hub)
and my phone lines are upgraded, I think.

might be a good idea to ask your isp i dont realy know if you can check on any websites i just droped into a verigin media shop when i was shopping and asked if they can guarantee a better download/upload speed after looking up my area on some database i guess they have he told me the hub is in (name of town) and your phone lines have not been upgraded so no they cannot guarantee anything better
You didn't specify your internet connection's theoretical speed, but I will presume it should be substantially faster than this.

Make sure you have all the ports correctly forwarded in your router: TCP 3724, 1119, 4000, 6112, 6113, 6114 and 6881 to 6999

Port forwarding instructions for many routers can be found on the following third party website: http://www.portforward.com/

Try toggling the peer-to-peer functionality on or off in Launcher as well.

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