Recruiting Holy Paladin for 3v3

Hello guys since me and my friend Likeaboss are new on this server we're struggelin finding a holy paladin for 3v3 so therefore I decided to make a thread to talk abit about us and what we've reached and what goals we have for s9.

Lets start with me then, I've been playing since early beta and started out with a Warlock on Emeriss, joined one of the top guilds called Famine with some friends and we had our times, I was rank 10 Warlock on the server and decided to reroll Mage, I always spoke about how cool they're and finally in the end of Vanilla I did reroll to a Mage.

I decided to migrate from Emeriss to Shattered Hand with a few friends from Emeriss since it kinda died when tbc released, mostly in s1 I was playing for fun, I got up to 2,4 in 2v2 as SP/Mage and in 3v3 2,4 as RMP, also played as a Resto druid for a while and got up to 2450 with Likeaboss and a Disc Priest.

Didn't play s2 since I had much school and was training wrestling and was preparing for a big tournament in Sweden but I was planning on comin back for s3.

In season 3 me and some friends migrated to Twisting Nether we're we had a lot of friends who also played on Emeriss and migrated after it died.
In 2v2 I was playin with a Rogue who was rank 3 on Twisting Nether and we were just playing for fun as usual and got up to 2,4 as I did in s1, in 3v3 I was running RMP with 2 RL's and got up to 2,5. After that me and one of my RL joined a guild and cleared almost everything exept Sunwell.

When Wotlk was about to release wow kinda died in my eyes and I got back to Counter-strike since I knew what was coming in WOTLK. I heard that there was a new expansion who was about to release so I started like 1 month before Cataclysm and found it pretty cool to atleast try it out, and as it seems now it's kinda good, sure there could be better but it's Ok I guess hehe.

Likeaßoss :

First off i'd like to begin with that i aswell as Magicbud are newly transferred too Kazzak.

A little about my experience and so on.
I have played my warrior since early beta and obtained rank9 and I kept playing my warrior for s1 wich I played with Magicbud in 3s with his druid. After s1 I rerolled mage and played it trough bc only playing arena with it in s4.

When wotlk began again I got back too warrior but didn't start playing arena until s7.

In s8 I got too 2.5 in 3s with a mmr ~2750 also playing 2v2 with a resto shaman getting the 10th highest ranked resto sham warr in team in world.
Thats alittle about my exp.

What our goals are for s9, we intend too (not too exaggerate) go top 20 on bg or higher, we expect u too share our goal.

If you have any further questions about us or anything else feel free to contact us in-game.


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