Please help, why am i being disconnected?

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He's not a troll, he's just someone who refuses to help and throws his toys out of the pram when someone dares to challenge him.

@OP, I had a similar issue but it was only when I alt-tabbed out of WoW whilst on a flight path that this happened. Hope you get it resolved soon, I know how frustrating it is >.>

This disconnect thing is really starting to annoy me.

Been there since 4.x, and just now, I forgot about it, and alt-tabbed while flying... 30 min instance queue down the drain.

Please fix.

(or is it just a way to reduce the workload on servers and kick all the afk while flying players?)

No suggestions to add I'm afraid, but this also happens to me - can't tab out in flight or on a zeppelin. Oh, and some times it disconnects me if I turn round too fast. I have to very very slowly keyboard turn . . . >.< And then sometimes it just dc's me for the hell of it. Would be nice if they fixed this, whatever this is.
Rhaegan you know its also a forum offence to act like a forum moderator and try and enforce rules upon other people? So, enjoy your reported offence.
someone has to tell you, and read the terms and conditions, it says impersonating a forum mod by enforcing rules upon others is a reportable offence, which I have done. Nothing more to say on it. :)
Fail troll is Fail!
I would ignore Rheagan if I could, but he is just so damn hilarious to read, in a tragic way. I just don't want to rob myself of his sillyness.

But I guess if someone wanted to they could report him for trolling, cause all he did on the first page was derailing the thread.

@OP: have you tried the ever popular disabling all addons, deleting cache and WTF folders?
20/12/2010 6:48 PMPosted by Wolfstun
If you aint going to reply with a suitable answer, dont reply.

20/12/2010 7:05 PMPosted by Wolfstun
Yes but to be honest mate, im more interested in resolving this problem, so I can actually play the game instead of have some snotty reply like yours.

If you deem that as "attacking" I feel sorry for you... you must live a life in terror each day.

There are two ways you can deal with infringing posts. Report & Move On and Report & Make a show of it. The former has class, the latter has not and you 'mate' picked the latter, bolded it out and underlined it for good measure.

What basically did was:


Which really rubs people the wrong way. No matter how right you are angry people care nothing for your opinion.

So, if you desire to police the forums stop being a twerp and show you have some class otherwise you're just a sanctumonious idiot who got high the small sliver of power that is reporting.

21/12/2010 12:57 PMPosted by Rhaegan
Xana I notice you skipped out his comment about me being a nerd. That is not acceptable behaviour. He also accused me of being snotty, something I take offense to.

saying you came with a snotty comment is not the same as calling you snotty... what a dumbass comment...

Also the nerd comment was justified... and a sarcastic one as well

Going to lock this, remember that flaming and abuse towards isn't generally accepted on the forums.

If your getting disconnected from the game when alt+tabbing, there is a known issue when you are running the game in Fullscreen and tab out which will disconnect you.

The current work around is to play either Windowed or Windowed (FullScreen) .

If a character is stuck in-game open a ticket with the Game Masters with a character on the same realm would be advised.

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