Armory can't find my character?

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Hello there, I was wondering why Armory can't find my character when I search for it, I have to go through the guild list (which doesn't even work perfectly because it just randomly dissappears most of the time).. I was thinking it might have been because I race changed not long back, but no, because several friends of mine who did the same AFTER I did it, works perfectly. (And no, it's not my browser because I've tried 4 different browsers.)

Okay, so when I actually DO find my character in the armory, it still shows it as Undead even 2 weeks after I actually did the race change, and a friend of mine who race changed 2 days ago, actually gets the right race shown. G f'n G.

Care to update my Armory page, or is there something I should do myself?
Nothing wrong here:

Where are you looking?
I'm not sure actually, it hasn't been working for about 5 days+ until I made this post, but now I can actually search for Ishiki and find my character (or any character named Ishiki), so.. I'm not sure how that happened. :-)

Thanks for telling tho, now I just need to get out of my Skeleton body and turn into a Goblin!

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