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7/10 Prolly refering to Dio's song, (or not?) Classic name for a Pal.
8/10 I like it somewhat reminds me of names i use to have!

I believe it suits a death knight more, or you stole the name from there spells.
7/10...named after you'r name in rl, am i correct?
me, nope i cant remember how i came up with the name :D


i dont like the squiggles above letters :P
It looks kinda wrong, sounds good tho 6/10
My holy paladin's name is too amazing for this thread, the forum might crash if I post it :(
Hah try mine.
16/12/2011 19:15Posted by Тирионф
Hah try mine.

Priviet chuvak!
I'm no expert at Russian, been a while since I read it, but tirion(?). 7/10.
Epic... giving ya 10/10 for pure progresion dude :) ( Тирионф )
Sofias - nice... 6/10 (pvp chest and holiday ring)

your nearly as epic as me xD
Memphiston, maybe a refernce to the chief librarian of the blood angels? idk :p
Mechy,7,5/10 reminds me of something to do with autobots for some reason :)
Nympharia 7/10 Not too bad at all!

(explaination on my name, it's latin Luce = light/lamp porti = gateway/entrance, so i thought gateway to the light..meh it's clutching at straws I know!)
Sounds to french for me :s 4/10

Only a few will know where my name is from. /hide
Your named after: Corneliu Zelea Codreanu
Not a very nice guy.

0 / 10
Sounds a bit odd tbh, but still not too bad 6.5/10.

(Aelya is an old arabic name for jerusalem used during the middle ages, Hence I gave it to my paladin.)
Kinda like it, but would fit better on a Nelf.


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