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like the shoulders with that robe 8/10
Finally something different than a normal priest set! 9/10 mostly cause I don't like the shirt, not sure if you use it all the time!
The order of the skirtless priest !! It suits a shadow priest for sure! 9/10

Nice to see the parts of that set that are normally hidden.
Pretty good set, however im not a big fan of golden priest sets. 7/10 :)

Better picture of my transmog since undead caster profile is rly bad...
Really hard to see properly because of your pose,

Literally just seen the image link.

Looks great. I love the purple. I think Mongoose would look good on your Headsmaher as well.

I like that set. 9/10
I am undecided on your goggles.
On one hand, they seem out of place, but on another, it makes your character seem to think: "Screw this, i'm using technology." Which is kind of interesting.

But overall, the set looks amazing. The tabard really brings together the rest of the items.
Both fits Panda and Disc-hood. 8/10
Looks ok. Needs a different belt though and I don't really like the helm. Didn't check staff.

My new shoulders haven't loaded yet :/
Has nobody wanted to rate a mog in two days srsly? Was gonna just edit the post with imgurs but since this is starting to drop I'll add them here.


New shoulders show there but not on armoury still
pretty cool, but little bit boring maybe (just not my type i guess) 7/10

(my shoulders got angel wings animation)
Looks ok but of bling wouldnt go a miss :) Needs some chunkier boots 8/10

New Transmorg. Not sure myself yet?!
Always looks good but standard stuff loses points with me just cuz it's standard.

I give 7/10 get a really unique piece in there and it'll be 8-9. Also a weapon like torturing poker would look really good on that.
Can't edit now wow forum won't let me from phone.

Just wanted to add my shoulders still haven't updated on armoury so please check which ounces they actually are. Not which ones show up on the picture. It's earth ripple shoulders not those tiny things that it shows there.
A different kind of set, but fits more on a warlock in my opinion. 7/10 :)
Bobby dazzler
I like it, quite space-like. 9/10.

Just going plain old retro myself, and armory doesn't appear to show my benediction transmog :(
8/10 very angry
Like it even though its nothing new. Maybe suits a Holy Priest more? 7/10

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