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Moonglade / Steamwheedle Cartel / The Sha'tar
- On hiatus due IRL responsibilities -
The social aspect of this guild is ment for goblins who are a bit new to roleplay and wish to see it first before jumping in.
I hate goblins. So. Much.

Best of luck with the guild I SUPPOSE.
Just started leveling my goblin (which will hopefully become my main, looking for something just like this! Hopefully i'll catch one of you online.
I've checked a few times to see if you were on but I have yet to catch you online!
The Company has kept itself busy with salvaging supplies and stealing from dwarves! They stole a dwarvish siege engine after sneaking into a fortress and drove the bloody thing through the wall making the entire fortress collapse!

Now the Company is looking for customers to do business with, and for someone to buy the flippin' siege engine!

Interested? Contact Draxle ingame!
Love this! Nice to see some fellow enthusiasts reveling in all that is Goblin (And Ogre!). Will be contacting you guys in game soon!

Hasta la Vista!
After a few weeks of workin' on our tan on the Tanari beaches it is time to get back into action!

We hunt down the "Rich King" Barbaso who has been trying to eliminate the Company with the help of a magic fire sword. The Company is in dire need of more soldiers to help defend Fuselight and defeat the evil Vanboom Company once and for all!
The crew is playing detectives to see where is or what happend to Jinxxie. After going trough all her stuff (how rude) clues lead to Undercity.

What will they find there? What will happen there? The next roleplay will be upcoming friday (tomorrow).

Once the chapters have come to end I will be posting short version of the story on our forums. You can also apply there if you wish to join our journey and check out our past roleplay events.
Best Goblin RP guild EU.
Happy new year to all from the Steamgear Trading Co.

May this year be filled with fiery explosions and cold cash!
Hey there,

Was giddy with anticipation at the piles of Mollah I could make in the gang. So tried to contact that you. But alas it wouldn't let me.

Insert sad Goblin face
Hey, sorry for the late reply. I should prob keep a closer eye to this thread xD

Add me on Btag "Kaenis#2857" and chat me up anytime :)

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