[H] Kazzak <Auva> 2/10M BRF 6/7M HM - Recruiting!

We are a raid-focused guild for World of Warcraft created during the end of december 2014. Our main goal is to make the most of your raid time!

We plan on doing exactly that, by creating and maintaning a community of skilled players whose aim it is to achieve the best results during raids, within a three day raiding schedule. Within this guild we share our knowledge and get everyone on the top of their game. The guild is founded by a few veteran MMORPG players who have their own extensive experience raiding and leading raids. We believe that raids are the most fun when executed by a skilled group who all work towards the same goal.The angry, overly tired and sarcastic raid leader stereotype is a thing of the past. We lead our raids in a professional way.

Our recruitment standards are somewhat higher compared to other raiding guilds. If you do get into the guild however the rewards are yours to reap. Not only will you be able to raid Mythic raiding content in a professional manner, you will also be part of the brotherhood that is Auva.

Raid Days and Times:
Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from 20:00 till 23:30.

What can we offer you?
An extremely dedicated end-game raiding guild that strives to be among the best, and is comprised of highly experienced people with different MMO backgrounds and years of WoW end-game raiding under their belt. The guild is founded upon a stable core of people that have ensured a solid and mature foundation. Please note that the language is rated R, and as such, if you are easily offended then Auva is not the guild for you.

For now, we are open both to individual applicants and larger packages of people. There will be a lot of changes and roster shakeups in guilds in the next few months. If you think that you can do better than what your current guild situation will allow, let us know.

How do I apply?
Hit up our webpage at www.auvaguild.eu and register a forum account, then submit your application. You will receive a reply either via e-mail or forum PM after a maximum of 48 hours. Please note that if you got rejected, you got rejected for a reason; if you don't agree with the reasons we don't care so keep it to yourself.

If you feel that you can spare 12 hours a week (three nights a week) to raid, than wait no longer and head over to our website.

High priority: Warlock

Who can I contact in-game?
- Zyndyr, Knówn (Xorph#2665) & Actisqt (Actis#2721)
cant acces to your website ..
Website is under construction.

Contact me ingame.
Hey, tried to get onto the website but was unavailable, also tried to contact a officer or GM but offline. I'll try to contact you some other time
2/10 mythic now and looking for a warlock and maybe 1 more ranged dps aswell.
Need a warlock friend in the guild asap ! we love warlocks ! More warlocks plz.
still looking for a few ranged dps!
3/10 mythic now looing for a rdruid or MW monk!
6/10 now and looking for strong players to finish off BRF!

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