Twisting Nether
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Start up a boosting service for Uldir HEROIC/NORMAL raids for new players or low geared characters in general.

- Details:
- IMPORTANT The boost run is personal loot and we do not guarantee any spesific loot drop. We kill the bosses and you get the loot if blizzard decides to reward you, similar to LFR system
- Boost Runs every Saturday time 21:00 Server Time (can be delayed for special events)
- Loot System; PERSONAL LOOT
- You dont need anything just hit boss after Die..
- We don't care about how low your gear is. We don't have a condition for that.
- Do not forget to get your weekly coins

The payment will be done in front of first boss.
Payment can do Servers
Twisting Nether Horde
[b]More details;[u]

in game Ruhban
Btag: ruhban#2250
really good guys. smooth and fun run. if you want your loot/achi etc. these are the guys you are looking for
Fast run (took about 1h 40min). They know what they are doing. Check achievement and gear. A good ideea is if you have the coins for bonus rolls stacked up (as much as you can).
Reliable & Professional. Well worth the gold. Fast and efficient without any drama.

Satisfied with service and recommend it to everyone.
Bought this boost run for one of my alts. It was a fast and smooth run. All is done in 1:30 hours.

Best part is you can afk-kill all the bosses and still get the loot :D
fast run easy loot best booster
Very good run thnks a lot guys.They act like pros know the fight and they have a very good team . If u lokking for a team to go pick them up very good team and fast run at highmaul was awesome and fun run
Fast and clear run and ı have some luck on items Thanks CATASTROPHE
Just got boosted by a great group of People, from Catastrophe. Very fast run, they knew what they did. i was impressed. Awsome. Gonna use their service more, for alts =)

Reliable and good ppl. Money well spent. recommend them to all ppl looking for fun, achv, and ofc gear.
fast run easy loot best boost service thanks all
2nd run, even faster 1h:25min
to be honest i boost with them since SoO and they are amazing so friendly and smooth and professional i 100% recommend them ...
very happy with the service! Stack up some coin and go for it!

Very Professional, dont regret using them.
Next Run Friday - 22:00 Server time..

More details;

in game Lunatis
Btag: iDijuka#2654
skype: iDijuka
4th run for alts. awesome job. they pull of the impossible.
80 minutes for 7 bosses, it looks easy when u go with this people.
Really AMAZING RUN!!! Fast and Smooth, IMBA group recommend everyone to go with them To be Honest
smooth run, really professional! good guys
Fast and smooth run and very nice guys .

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