is this normal? (Spectral Tiger Flood)

Please check the Historical Quantity of these mounts,

- Blue Spectral Tiger mount:
- Epic Spectral Tiger mount:

Scroll down to "Regional Daily Summary" and look at the Quantity of the item on the shown time line figure. ((This is suppose to be EU Wide Quantity, not realm specific))
Look carefully towards the time line from January 13 to January 19.

the timelines of both the BLUE spectral tiger mount and the EPIC spectral tiger mount are weirdly connected.
both increased in quantity amount by almost Double <from around 90-120 to 200-240>

1- do you take these numbers accurately? or atleast partially accurate?
2- do these numbers mean anything? do they raise flags?
3- is this what they so call "Dupe"? did it happen on that period?
4- Why on that period? why the sudden DOUBLE quantity increase in that period specifically.

or am i just over thinking this?
it seems that the prices went down too.
but that's probably from the undercutting due to the excessive supply.

does seem weird. dunno if the website is reliable or not. but i never had issue with its accuracy.
i always use it and rely on it.
22/01/2015 12:16Posted by Vimtu
am i just over thinking this?

your not over thinking,those mounts are not legit.
on twisting nether there are 9 spectral tigers posted on the auction house and trade chat is flooded with shady level ones selling those mounts very cheap.
i also checked the undermine journal between 13.01 and 17.01 the number of the mounts almost doubled,
having in mind the rarity of this loot that's impossible.
it's the same thing that happened with the tcg pets last year and those pets are still on the market with their value trashed.

i'm hoping that blizzard will do something this time and take some action against this duping.
Oh my. A month after I bought my epic tiger for 800k gold this crap happens. Oh well, at least I have legit one (propably). Now I got all TCG mounts in the game! :)

Hopefully this won't go the way of TCG pets. Spectral tiger cub and ethereal soul trader lost up to 97% of their value and they stay this low to this day, even though card still costs 175 EUR on wowtcgloot.

Wouldn't really use the word "dupe" as there is no straight-up item copy in WoW. It is most likely yet another exploit allowing you to obtain more than intended. Reusable code, working keygen maybe? Idk really.

TCG mounts do have Unique tag on them. When you see multiple of these posted by single seller you know there's something really shady going on. Saw a screenshot from busy US realm where one guy has SIX of them up on the auction house!
The Undermine Journal is the most reliable source for AH data on the internet.

Seems like there was another duping wave. RIP TCG market. You will be missed.
Hi Vimtu. ;_;
I knew that TCG stuff has been a lot of duplicated items, like the rare companions from TGC and Viscous Horror... this is duplicate item very rare and very cheap on AH, one player have 10 auctions with the same pet Spectral Tiger Cub and 8 Ethereal Soul-Trader very very cheap. same player sell on trade all mont form TGC very cheap. I offered half price on the market (250k) for Reins of the Swift Spectral and he accepted.
So yah, i tinke the Spectral is again duplicated.( is not the first time) on my realm we have "9 Spectral Tiger " on ah :) is the most common mont from ah ATM.
22/01/2015 20:12Posted by Flavià
Hi Vimtu. ;_;

i remember you!! D: you da guy from BMAH with Hunter!

anyways. isnt this a huge negetive impact on the game economy? duplicating items that value +400k or reaching 800k per item. it looks to me that this is way worse than those ethereal/cub/horror pet duplicates.

my first encounter of this dupe thing was since end of cata, seeing epic gems + deathchargers + vials of the sand flood the market. i can't believe they didn't fix this since then!!! O_O
As long as they don't dupe and spread around the UDE tabards Im happy!
Especially since this greedy gnome above me charged alot for them.

But I'm astounded that Blizzard didn't remove the TCG pet dupes to begin with to mark that they don't tolerate that kind of behaviour since it wasn't the biggest thing in the world for the server economy but there were still huge amounts of gold involved.

Accepting this is like giving goldsellers free reign on the realm. Instead of buying X amount of gold they just buy a duplicate spectral tiger (or whatever other duped TCG items that sells for ~ that amount) instead and sell themselves and thereby don't risk getting warnings, etc. for buying gold directly.

TL:DR; Blizzard are hypocrits
22/01/2015 20:07Posted by Rockwell
RIP TCG market. You will be missed.

:'( indeed.

oh forgot to mention,
even the Magic Rooster Egg mount is under the same effect of almost double quantity increase in that timeline mentioned above
there is another thread where some guy claims he bought one of a level one who says the price will plummet within the next few weeks, if this is true it's 100% a dupe

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