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Your outfit appears to be very "common" and humble, which is perfect for a paladin or the likes, you also got an amazing shield which i also rate high, all in all, you look like a paladin out of his armor, but still ready in case things happens. 8,5/10 to you good sir
Boldly put together! I am particularly fond of Rumikah's attire in the manner it draws the eye to her presence, but retains a certain sense of class and elegance. Red is my favourite colour and in your distribution of it, it speaks power. The crown of sorts she's wearing also frames perfectly against her hair and features, bringing focus to her eyes and the fel inside of them.

All in all it's a very complete look and it's clear you put thought into matching this up, definitely one of my favourites. 9/10
I like your transmog a lot. You did a great job matching those colors together. Really liking those weapons as well. Very nice. 9.5/10

I've tried my best to make a Blademaster-themed set involving a plate kilt for my Forsaken Warrior.

Unfortunately, due to the pretty restrictive nature of transmogrification, it has several shortcomings. The fact that there are no transmoggable invisible shoulder pieces meant I had to use a tabard along with a breast plate that doesn't cover the arms. There's no invisible shoulder plates or handguards either. Oh well.

Still, tell me what you think. I've called it the Forsaken Blademaster.

Imgur link because the armory pose makes everything look terrible: http://i.imgur.com/Jfu5PVq.jpg
Well i think you could find some better fitting shoulders and gloves still. Since i don't think they match the rest at all. The kilt, tabard and belt actually works though. The weapons im staying neutral on since they somewhat matching but i just think it looks a bit silly wielding two weapons that big.
I give it a 5/10, its not horrible.

Speaking of horrible poses, i got one too but hopefully this link work if anyone want to take a better look.
Oh and i know it doesnt look like something goblins normally wear, but that was the point. Shall look tribal-ish.

With your aim of a savage, feral goblin in mind. It's perfect! It fits in a strange way despite it's mix-matched nature, and suits the theme!
10/10 from me!
9/10. The garrison mog gear looks brilliant on orcs and I love the wolf helm and bow.
A very well put together set. :)
10/10!!! Fantastic gnomish outfit! Very technological and advanced. I love it!
Oh i really like that one, that model of robe is sadly underused. The hat and cloak is a tiny bit off with the darker purple but that's really nitpicking, pointy hats <3. The shoes is an interesting choice. I give it a 9/10!
Very green. Perhaps a touch too green, but I can see where you're coming from. 6/10.
I like it loads. I was going to have a dig at the fact that it's not your transmog, but then I looked at the title of the post again. I really enjoy a less-sparkly approach to classes like Paladins, and this does a real ace job. I am now a little sad that this cannot be your transmog... :'(

The colours, the leather, it's not only aesthetically pleasing, but practical look as well. Really, well done!

The only thing that marks it down is... no headpiece?

My verdict:
Dig it. Headpiece shows allegiance to Elune and the Kaldorei, while the rest of the look is blatantly Druidic, yet not exactly Cenarioncentric. No set pieces (I won't count the foot wear since it's basically meant to be bare feet) and it's all blended together quite nicely. Pieces like the staff show grinding and work given where it comes from with a faction, Darkmoon pieces show grinding and work at the Faire to get the bits you wanted, shoulders show old raid grinding, etc. etc.

Basically looks like everything's blended perfectly with a lot of effort put in, and it all makes sense, so I see no reason to not give a rare 10/10, actually.

This look is an excuse for me to don these robes! Due to the fact the sleeves end rather abruptly midarm and don't match any shirt, I decided to just throw my gloves and shoulder pads on for a more "formal military" look. Side note, I still cannot believe we're forced to have that "feet item slot bleeding up onto the bottom of robes" glitch on female Elves, never mind my main look's boots being stretched ...
I like it! Gives off a def Belf vibe but with a more muted color scheme then the bright red and gold you usually see. The leather and cloth actually goes together really well (although its a shame about your melty feet!LOL).
Id give it an 8.5/10. Very pretty, not sure about the practicalities of rogueing in a dress though. ;)
Have to admit, I actually rather like this appearance. For the most part, it appears highly fitting for a high-ranking Draenei Priestess on AU Draenor. There are a few colouration issues with the headpiece and the gloves, but they aren't really noticeable at first glance.

Not much more to say, admittedly, so take a rather hearty 9/10 from me!
That's an amazing set. Everything matches together perfectly. Loving the theme as well.

That's a pretty easy 10/10.

As for me, I've updated my "Forsaken Blademaster" transmog and now it's much closer to what I've had in mind when I first had the idea for this particular theme.
I don't know, it just looks odd on you. Those gargantuan polearms would look odd even on an orc.

7/10 because it's solid in itself as a set.
7/10 nice
The moonglade set always gets a 10/10 from me. S'gud.

Be gentle, i'm fragile under all this plate.
9/10. That set looks really good on a Tauren, especially a warrior :) . Though personally I'd go with a brown coloured tabard like the thunder bluff tabard or tabard of the explorer.
7/10 it's quite original, but I don't like seeing rogues in dresses.
Have to say that you have nailed it very nice, you look like something that I could have summoned from the twisting nether 10/10

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