[Vice Versa] Recruiting Raiders For Heroic Raiding

Azuremyst / Stormrage
Short History:
One of the oldest guilds on the Azuremyst server is recruiting again. We've been actively playing together for many years, and our story starts in 2008. You can read a little more about this on our forum if you like.

The size of our groups vary from 10-15 people. Sometimes we could use a couple of more dps to make the mechanics easier. We raid three nights a week;Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday from 20:15 till 23:00.

The guild:
We have three officers, a group of devoted raiders, several devoted pvp-ers and many social members. There is no guildmaster. No one of us three is truly in charge and yet fully in charge, and this has worked out very well for us in the past to keep the peace levels high, and the stress levels low.

We are looking for people who have experience in raiding. We killed every boss in previous tiers well before the new patches hatched. We like to take raiding seriously, and think you should to if you come along, but we also find it important to be social as well. Raiding with us is an experience with characters behind their ingame-characters, and we would love for more experienced and preferably sociable people to join us in bolstering our ranks.

Regards, the officers of Vice Versa,
Littlepony, StevieTV and Apple

Visit our website for applying and more information on:

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