Does the buff come at 6.1?

So we're getting a tiger strike and a RSK buff.

Do both come out at 6.1, or at different hotfixes within the patch?
I think the tiger strike bug fix is a hotfix after 6.1.

About 95% sure.
Tiger Strikes will be fixed later, but RSK is applied with the patch.
May ask what Tiger strikes fix? ;p A buff perhaps?
25/02/2015 20:42Posted by Bargus
May ask what Tiger strikes fix? ;p A buff perhaps?

Fixing a bug, where our Multistrike hits couldn't proc Tiger Strikes.

The bug fix results in a buff.
I think it is live because the 20% nerf to keg smash was announced at it seems to be live according to many.

The tiger strikes "buff" isn't just that noticeable, just a bit more uptime.
Well, it also brought bugs such as Chi torpedo doing no damage and Pandaren racia notl working.
Well...i'm pretty good, my dps went up like 6k just from the RSK 'buff' (it's not really a buff, just giving us back what they took)

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