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This guild concept has been scrapped.


Ironbreaker Company is a newly formed Alliance-aligned guild with a military theme serving on the front lines, in the thick of battle, to safeguard the citizens of the Alliance and Azeroth as a whole from any and all threats.

While the core theme of the guild will be a military one, I also hope to include more casual or social elements into the mix from time to time to keep things as varied and fresh as possible without deviating to far away from the military theme.

What To Expect

At the moment the guild is currently in an infant stage, newly formed and still with a little ways to go until things can get into full swing. If, after reading further through this recruitment thread, you find yourself interested in being part of Ironbreaker Company then please understand that the roster currently will seem rather empty.

That being said however, there are a number of things I hope to achieve.

First and foremost I want to create a friendly, helpful and casual atmosphere within the guild. Promoting and enthusing friendly banter and discussion between members and hopefully willingness to offer assistance and advice to each other when needed.

Once I feel there are enough active members within the guild, events will begin. Most of these events - but not all of them - will fit with the guild's military theme, this can include (but not be limited to) anything from training drills and exercises to combat scenarios in the field - most of which at the present will be based on Draenor.

I do understand that not everyone will be in the 90 to 100 level range and with that in mind I also plan to run events in lower level zones against other threats to ensure that no one is left out.

Ranks and Roles

The following is a little bit of information regarding ranks within the guild followed by some info regarding certain roles that fit alongside these ranks:





    Private First-Class



Along with these ranks, there are also some 'categories' that will divide the Company's forces up further to ensure that the right people are in the right place at the right time to ensure victory can be achieved swiftly, efficiently and with minimal losses. These 'categories' are detailed below:







These will be displayed in your Officer Note on the guild roster and will be viewable by all.

If you wish for your character to fall into any of these catagories, or any added in the future, them please inform a superior officer of your choice.


There will be a uniform. All soldiers serving the company will be expected to wear their uniforms, along with the company colors, while on-duty and/or in the field.

The uniform as of yet isn't 'set in stone' and may be subject to change(s) in the future. What I've put together so far however is as follows:

    Lieutenant: Your class' Tier 9 set, Renowned Guild Tabard and a guild cloak.

    Sergeant: Your class' Tier 9 set, Illustrious Guild Tabard and a guild cloak.

    Corporal: Stormwind Guard Transmog set available from the Dwavern Bunker Garrison building, Illustrious Guild Tabard and a guild cloak.

    Private First-Class: Stormwind Guard Transmog set available from the Dwavern Bunker Garrison building and Illustrious Guild Tabard.

    Private: Stormwind Guard Transmog set available from the Dwavern Bunker Garrison building and normal guild tabard.

    Recruit: Anything. Recruits are not allowed to wear the tabard.


You need to be at least level 20 for your application to be considered, level 70 with regards to Death Knights. Along with this, some level of knowledge and understanding regarding the basics of Warcraft lore (primarily recent history and your chosen race) would be great, though it's not expected that you know every single tiny detail.

There are not as of yet - and unlikely to be in the future - any racial restrictions. All races within the Alliance are welcome to enlist with Ironbreaker Company.

There are also no class restrictions. Yes, we accept Death Knights! Ironbreaker Company will make use of any and all assets available to achieve victory for the Alliance, from the Draenei's deep and strong connection to the Light to a Knight of the Ebon Blade's mastery of dark and unholy forces.

Want to join? Have any questions?

If your interested in joining, or have any questions regarding Ironbreaker company, feel free to contact me here on this thread or in-game through a whisper or letter - my character is 'Donovar'.

If your seeking to join, a suitable date and time will be arranged for an IC meeting to conver the enlistment process and begin your new life serving with Ironbreaker Company!

Current Status

Still active?
To answer Ethwen's question, I am not sure it even got off the ground. The guild does not exist. The opening poster is level 93 and is not active. No further posts have been made.
Anroka is correct, it never got off the ground. It remained in charter form and never seemed to gain any traction. The concept was ultimately scrapped. I will make an edit regarding this for anyone else who happens across it.

Sorry to disappoint, Ethwen.

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