[Guide] Resto Shaman Issue 1.10 for patch 6.1.0

So I've been roaming around a lot, looking for some guides for resto shammys, and simply wasnt able to find any, so I decided to make my own.

Because of the limitations that forums have when it comes to layout (Which Is super important to me), I made this guide using Word and herafter printed it as a PDF and uploaded to my google drive.

Link for the guide is as follows:

I hope you enjoy the read!
Any constructive criticism is welcome.

Ps: Currently also working on a video, further updates on this coming when more info available!

Updated: 2/24/2015
A few comments I have:

For starters your stat prio looks way off to me. I'm fairly certain that haste does still buff HoTs; which on shammy primarily means Riptide, HST, HTT and HR. The change you are referring to only altered the way that break points work, but not haste itself.

i.e. in MoP 40% haste would give your HST +3 ticks while 50% would give it +4 ticks, however anything above 40% and below 50% would be wasted; whereas now the final fraction of a tick is just applied at the end, meaning that no breakpoints exist but haste still has an effect. (numbers made up for example)

Combine this with the insanely long cast times on most of our spells and haste suddenly becomes one of our strongest stats, while you have it pretty much bottom on your list.

Personally I like something along these lines for stat prio:


I'm not a fan of simply stacking mastery completely as it loses so much value when healing with discs/Rdruids and it is simply not useful in some fights (admittedly it is crazy powerful on others)

I also take issue with this:

"Spirit: Because of Water Shield and Resurgence, we can neglect this stat completely."

I don't know how other shammies do it but I think you would have to be completely insane to not run with any spirit. You're trading spirit for more EB casts but to me the fewer casts of EB that I need to maintain max throughput for a fight the better.

If you cast EB on cooldown every single time it comes up that's 12.5% of your potential casting time spent not actually healing anything.


The next point i would make is on your description of earth shield. Admittedly I've never tried keeping it on the meele instead of the tanks, but you SHOULD be healing the tanks and the 20% increase IS significant.

"Shamans aren’t any good tank healers in 6.0.3"

This is simply not true, sure we may not be the most efficient of tank healers, but our potential throughput on a tank with our mastery is quite huge when it is actually required.

"Earth Shield has very few charges, so it often runs off extremely fast in a boss fight."

While that is true; in situations where we are actively required to lay big healing on a tank you should be swapping it between the active tanks anyways, so it's rarely an issue in that regard.

You also neglect to even mention unleash life. It's really quite vital when movement is required for a number of reasons:
1. it's an instant cast heal (self explanatory)
2. the movement speed increase gets you where you're going faster so you can spend less time running and more time healing.
3. the boost to your next direct healing spell means that when you actually get to where you're going you can make up some of the healing you lost while running (especially nice with CH)


Not much to say on talents, only that I really don't like CBT for lvl100, like ever, though admittedly this one could just be personal preference.

On glyphs I would just point out that you didn't mention Glyph of Spiritwalker's Focus, which should be interchanged with Glyph of Spiritwalker’s Grace depending on the fight. To be honest I find focus is generally better and only swap to grace on a few fights (tectus/oregorger).


Finally I just wanna say that most of the stuff I've written is only based on my personal experience and trawling these & the US forums for the last month, so i would be entirely open to being corrected on any points :)
On use trinkets lel :)
@ Robsham
Thank you very much for the feedback.
Id also like to thank you for the corrections on the issues I have made, wrote this entire guide over a weekend, so most like I have missed something :)
Besides that, most of it is also personal preferences for me, so no biggie that some things deviate.

The clarification on the haste, i appreaciate, and If possible with your permission, could I use your explaination of how the "new" haste works, I think you explained it in a pretty good way.

I also forgot to mention that the CBT lvl 100 talent, is more mana efficient, UNTIL you get set bonus from Blackrock Foundry. Once you have Set bonus, there is no doubt that High Tide is the better talent here :)

The Earth Shield, I simply don't like this spell, I think it's too ineffeicient compared to what it gives us, but I also mainly run with Disc/Holy paladins in the raids I participate in, so my job is mainly Raid Healer. Which is why I also say that Shamans are not the best tank healers. But that might just be because I havn't learned how to be an efficient tank healer!

Unleash Life, thank you for reminding me of the movement boost and instant healing, completely forgot!
13/02/2015 18:03Posted by Tranquilz
The clarification on the haste, i appreaciate, and If possible with your permission, could I use your explaination of how the "new" haste works, I think you explained it in a pretty good way.

OFC, feel free to use whatever you like.
I've posted this once already in another thread but didn't get any opinions so please let me share my thoughts again, since main topic here is Restoration. Resto is playable, however I feel like many skills are badly designed. My thoughts :
1. We don't have any ability that would absorb or reduce incoming damage except spirit link totem. Totem itself can be useful, problem is, you need your raid to be stacked up to make the most of it. Another thing is, if it's on cd, resto has nothing to offer when tank asks for defensive cd which sucks. While shaman can heal only when target is between 99 % - 1 % hp, disco priest's and paladin's absorbs increase targets' hp over those 100% which is really, really useful. That's the reason they are more popular than shaman, it's better to have ability you can use often rather than have 1 skill with 3 min cd that is based on positioning aswell....
2. Earth shield heals for nothing and should be redesigned so instead of healing, it would absorb the damage taken by the target to make it more useful.
3. The way Healing stream works now is just ridiculous. Smart heal was removed but nothing was given to us instead, healing of random raid member simply doesn't work. To give us control over the ability, it could be changed so that HST would target the next person hit by Riptide. This way totem could benefit from our mastery and also serve as short time cd, if you choose glyph of HST to reduce damage.
4. Talents tier 2 are close to useless in raids, the only time I used one of those talents was during Ko'ragh encounter when he used frost orb. Windwalk would be much more attractive if it could increase movement speed for few seconds aswell.
5. Ancestral swiftness value has decreased, when Greater healing wave was removed from the game. Ability cd should be reduced to 1 min to make it more attractive.
6.Mastery. I'm not sure if mastery that increases healing done on more injured people is fair, when other classes have so many ways to absorb or reduce damage taken, and instants. I remember when back in cata, resto druid's mastery ( if the target was on low hp, hots would heal for more ) was very similar to shaman's and it was changed quickly and reason for that was that the mastery was weak. I don't understand why it was too weak for class with so many instants but it's suitable for shaman, who pretty much have to cast all the time and is not so mobile...
7.Stats prio. I noticed most of the specs have like 2 secondary stats they need but when it comes to resto shaman it becomes more complicated. We need mastery to make those weak heals at least a bit stronger, we benefit from crits, we need haste since we spend so much time casting. I was asked few times which stat is best for resto, I think mastery is but which one is number 2, I'm still not sure. I saw shamans based on crit and multisrike, shamans based on mastery, shamans based on haste, Someone could say it's good we are so flexible but I think it's better to have 2 and good rather than 4 average.
8. Lack of instants & movement. I don't understand why other classes have so many instants and shaman has 2, and they are not so strong. Movement is a big problem for resto, if your spiritwalker is on cd then you have to interrupt your cast which means you do no healing while other classes laugh at your face and spam instants, in my opinion glyph that would allow to cast healing wave or chain heal while moving would be really welcomed.

I feel like shaman is not finished. When I look at other classes skills and abilities I just feel jealous and I wonder why after 10 years of wow, we are the only class that didn't get solid redesign to make us more interesting and fun to play.
The layout of your guide just made me cry. It's just that beautiful!

Excellent work!
@Raklest I'm glad you like the layout!

@Edhinus, I'd love to make educated guesses on why you think like you do about the shaman, and some of your statements are correct. But I do not see how your post gives any extra value to this thread in form of this thread being a guide on how to shaman.

Also as a little side note, you do know that nobody is forcing you to play shaman if you don't like it? There are plenty of other classes to play in WoW. ;)
Just wanted to mention resto weak sides since we got nerfed quite heavily in wod. Knowing your weak sides is as important as knowing your strong sides after all.
You did good job with comparing different sources, but let me ask you why did you decide that 20% crit is what resto should be aiming for ? And concerning healing tanks, we can do it, unleash life + cloudburst are talents for that. Tanks take constant damage which makes shooting elem blast a bit more difficult and unleash life helps you to focus on healing. While you spam tanks, cloudburst will absorb quite a lot of healing, the only problem is that main theme of T17 is chain heal....
Reroll is not a solution to shaman's problems, that's the class I choosed, that's the class I like, that's the class I want to play and I expect all players to be pretty much equal no matter what class they play. Designers job is to make sure it's all balanced nicely but I feel like whole shaman's community is completely ignored. Problem is, to balance the game properly you need to spend some money and that's something they don't want to do, as Heartstone and Heroes of the storm are their main focus now.
@Edhinus 20% is a marker which I found it to be most efficient, above this threshold I felt like I was wasting stats, that could have been mastery or even haste instead.
I must admit that I have no done any numbers crunching what so ever, when it comes to the 20% crit.

I do however see a lot of the high end result Resto shamans going for about 1000 crit raitng, a bit of spirit (400-800, additional to base) and other than that, they're stacking mastery.

You're argument that it can be hard to use Elemental Blast while keeping tanks alive, I do agree with, and if you have no choice but tank healing, then sure, it can be done. All that I am trying to say, is that the other classes (Disc priest, holy paladin) do a lot better, when it comes to straight up tank healing.
However disc priest and holy paladin are not the best Raid Healers. (IMO). It can be done, but you find yourself in a pickle after a short while.

Cloudburst, a fine talent and I do like the idea behind it, but using it as a "tank" healer talent, I dont agree with you. The level 100 tier of talents, are all "Group Focused" heal improvements.
Cloudburst will absorb a lot more healing, if you heal the group, who could on certain fights, be taking up to 200% if not more of the amount of damage that the tanks take.
It is a hell of a mana efficient spell, and I love it for that.
but set bonus makes chain heal outperform it. So High Tide = Win Win.

As of a last side note to you, I'm not trying to say that you are wrong in the fact that some things seems unfinished, and there are a lot of things that we can only dream about as the people who play shamans.

But this thread, Once again... Is for discussing what the class is. NOT what it should be. This is a guide that takes place around what IS THE GAME and not a dreamstate.

Besides that, I dont know much about why shamans was strong before 6.0.0 hence my lack of perspective of the "quite heavily nerfed in wod." statement that you make.
I do however believe, that it is quite unfair towards anything to be comparing the end of end game shaman from 5.4 to the newly attuned shaman of 6.0.3 that we play.

We're currently at the bottom of the possible statpool of level 100, until the next tiers are released.

Patch 6.1 is underway with some interesting changes to how some things function, and ontop of that talking about a buff to water totems from 30% to 40%. Making Healing Stream Totem and Healing Tide Totem even stronger. (And cloudburst as well i assume* not sure)

I would love if we could stick to arguments about what the class is now, and not what you or anyone else thinks it should be. Thats all im trying to say.

I'm more than happy to hear peoples thoughts about my guide and together with the community work the guide out so that it becomes even better and more accurate. See the guide as a starting platform, of which we jump to new heights together. But keep in mind, that if we keep flying on dreams, reality will hit us hard and we achieve nothing.
Will be having an updated version ready around the weekend for patch 6.1.0

I can already now reveal that there are multiple changes when it comes to stat weights and BiS items as I test out other stat priorities in game.

Sometimes I wish we had a simulator for optimal healing :P

Anyways, just giving a headsup that as of this wednesday: 25th of February, version 1.01 of Resto Shammy guide will become outdated and that version 1.10 is on the way!
Updated to patch 6.1.0 Enjoy!
Stats prio is way off...

Should be int > spi > mastery >= haste > crit >= multi

Disagree on the ES thing it should always be on the tank who is tanking

Overall good basic guide
21/02/2015 03:18Posted by Tranquilz
Cloudburst, a fine talent and I do like the idea behind it, but using it as a "tank" healer talent, I dont agree with you. The level 100 tier of talents, are all "Group Focused" heal improvements.

Actually, if you find yourself tank healing in a fight, you have no real use for chain heal. On the other hand, you will constantly be healing something, so there will be something to absorb, and then splash on whomever needs some healing.

Yes, you might absorb more when doing heavy raid healing, but we're talking about what to use when you heal tanks, aren't we?
Any opinions about new Eoe ? Looks interesting and being able to cast riptide so often is cool. More instants always welcomed.
28/02/2015 20:59Posted by Edhinus
Any opinions about new Eoe ? Looks interesting and being able to cast riptide so often is cool. More instants always welcomed.

Personally I feel that it's pretty lame for PvE.

For riptide: One extra RT cast at the the start of the fight and then after that you should be casting it on cooldown anyways so it literally does nothing for RT unless you fail pretty heavily at maintaining it.

For UL: I guess it could have some value on fights with intense bursts of movement, but there aren't many times when you have to move so much that your already existing instants are insufficient to cover it, especially with SWG and the ancestral swiftness active.

Finally, double spirit link totem: .... Meh. Honestly I haven't found many fights where even one SLT is particularly useful in BRF. It's good in ohh !@#$ moments when a mechanic is failed or a tank is getting beat up while your disc/Hpally are sleeping, but most properly executed fights I just find myself using it for the 10% damage reduction, which isn't exactly overwhelming.

I would be quite interested to hear if anyone else is getting much out of this talent for PvE resto, but tbh I'm not sure how it can beat ancestral swiftness.
01/03/2015 01:34Posted by Robsham
Finally, double spirit link totem: .... Meh. Honestly I haven't found many fights where even one SLT is particularly useful in BRF.

I use it on most fights : Gruul - taking the hit , Oregorger - acid, Furnace - Blast, Flamebender - Firestorm, Kromog - breath, Maidens - shot
01/03/2015 12:58Posted by Edhinus
01/03/2015 01:34Posted by Robsham
Finally, double spirit link totem: .... Meh. Honestly I haven't found many fights where even one SLT is particularly useful in BRF.

I use it on most fights : Gruul - taking the hit , Oregorger - acid, Furnace - Blast, Flamebender - Firestorm, Kromog - breath, Maidens - shot

As do I, but like I said in all of those situations it is only acting as a 10% damage reduction since everyone is taking the same damage. The health rebalancing aspect of SLT is only ever useful when a few people are taking a lot more damage than the people around them, which is actually a surprisingly rare occurrence.
That's true, spirit link can be useful at times but won't help if tank is dying away from the group and that's why I'm a bit dissappointed with current state of the game, where other classes have single target skills to reduce dmg taken by tanks or anyone who need it and resto sham don't which is a big disadvantage and leaves us behind other healers.
i looked at your guide, and found this; Totemic Persistence: Very Powerful when used together with Cloudburst Totem, as this lets you charge the Cloudburst Totem, with Healing Stream Totem or Healing Tide Totem.
CBT does collect the healing from our totems only from the healing spells. Dropping any other totems together with CBT does not affect its amount of healing.

Personally i use Totemic persistance for dropping CBT and HST together - Only to spare me the totem timing or missing out on HST

Add i did not see u had Glyph of Riptide, its good for keeping Tidalwaves up and it has great use together with Hightide, if you dont use Echo of the Elements
Same with Glyph of fire elem Totem, it cuts the Cd in half its extremly useful if plaing with PE

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