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So today I logged on to start playing some arenas with a friend of mine, we aren't super serious about 2v2 but we aren't exactly a fan of losing either. Sometime during a 2v2 match at around 1.8k (not like that's very relevant) I get a whisper from a gm. He said that my name was inappropiate (stresswank), the name I have been using for whatnot, a year? maybe 1,5?

After questioning him what the reasoning behind the actual report was I didn't get anything but your usual copy and paste treatment which didn't exactly feel like I was talking to someone who was there to respect both sides of a story. Yes, I understand people can see sexual innuendo in my name, but honestly, with many languages mixed into an international game I could think of something that "offends" me in 50% of the nicknames I see.

Now here's some logic behind it all; I haven't been anywhere but insidey my garrison today, so my question is; who really decided to report me? Well to answer that it's pretty simple to deduce that someone who (probably) lost against me in arena figured it would be the right time to report me, to at least get back at me for something that isn't even intended to offend others. Does my name aim at someone specifically? Does it sound racist, imply insult? I don't think so.

Fair enough, let's say me having to change my name isn't the worst thing in the world. But this isn't where it stopped, I was; without consideration, kicked from my arena game, disconnected because the GameMaster didn't feel like debating with me whether or not I was in my right to question or even defend my ground about the matter. I wasn't rude or childish, all I did was question the reasoning behind them forcing a player to change his name after more than 12 months just because someone happened to get "offended" and clicked Report Name.

So in short, thanks game master <Edited> for being a pleasant game master, not taking into consideration that people might actually put some value in their nicknames, not putting any thought into the fact that I was in the midst of playing a ranked 2v2 game, and not being able to continue or at least conclude a conversation in a civil matter.

Was it necessary to kick me out of the game? Would it have been such a disaster if I could keep my name until the next time I logged out? According to this GM it probably would have been.

So thanks, really, you really made a player enjoy his interaction with a Blizzard employee today.
Hugs and kisses to GM <Edit>, the one who is about as subtle as a fury warrior in a kindergarten.
So much for simplicity too

Far as I remember that's generally how it goes for forced name change. You get told and then kicked from the game. Wasn't personal against you.
As for the new name, no idea why that won't work
You're not allowed to name and shame, that includes game master names. I would suggest you to edit it, and send an e-mail to if you have a complaint about a game master. Making a public forum post isn't gonna do much, If anything, your post is gonna get locked for breaking the forum rules.

By your description of the events, the GM was applying our existing naming rules and following the standard process to apply the penalty corresponding to the severity of the violation.

If you want to appeal your suspension, please follow the steps provided here:

Otherwise if you want to provide feedback about your customer service experience, or if you have suggestions to improve our service, don't hesitate to send an email to

Unfortunately we can't process this kind of content in the Customer Support forums.

You can review the naming policy here:
Please make note of this section:
Serious Violations
Serious violations include any names that:
Are mildly inappropriate references to human anatomy or bodily functions.

05/03/2015 20:09Posted by Stresswank
with many languages mixed into an international game I could think of something that "offends" me in 50% of the nicknames I see.

Please, don't hesitate to report any players whose names violate the naming policies mentioned above.

How did I do? Let me know!

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