my suggestion for solve the healers rolls

i have read this topic on us forums
i cant post in us forums so i post here my suggestion to solve the problems explained in that topic.
to resume: some healers complain because now they will never get anymore not armor gear without spirit in their personal loot or bonus rolls.
the OP of that topic sayd he wanted a cool trinket with int and no spirit on it but he dont have a way to get it because he is a monk and cant choose to roll for a dps int spec.
blizzard have answered to him they want to make all the healers like to have spirit above any other stat, in the same way the tanks like to have bonus armor above any other stat, so the healers will not have the will to roll for a dps int trinket or jewelry.
now my suggestion:
first: a question: why tanks like so much bonus armor? lol, i think they like so much because every tank get ATTACK POWER from every point of bonus armor that they get!! somebody even say maybe its overpowered, lol
so my propose: because tanks get AP from bonus armor, why the healers dont get spell power from spirit?
change this mechanic in game, make the healers get SP from spirit like tanks are getting AP from bonus armor and you will see that EVERY healer in game will want spirit in every single slot, lol, and u will do a fair stuff because maybe actually is unfair that tanks get AP from bonus armor and healers dont get more than mana regen from spirit, do u get my point? :)

TD;DR: because tanks get attack power from bonus armor i think healers would have to get spell power from spirit, to make the odd fair :):)
Doesn't changing your spec for loot do that?

Spirit is useful for mana regen.
not for every class work to change spec, in the OP case the player was a monk, if he would change loot spec he would get agility trinkets and jewelry, lol :):)

but if the healers would get spell power from spirit, like the tank are getting attack power from bonus armor, then i think that player would prefer spirit in any case, instead he was saying that, with actual mechanics, he would like to have an int trinket with no spirit that it's actually very usefult to every caster, not just the dps casters :)

in not great to explain well in english, but if u read the us topic u will get the problem better explained, sorry me :)

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