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Hi! We refering to our post (Snapjaw Business). Swedish/Norwegian guild. We are kinda in the same position atm. We have 7/10 hc atm, but thats due to lack of ppl and bad setups. We need 4-6 ppl. If we get some more ppl we feel that 9/10 hc, + Mythic Progress is really what we wanna do each week. Lets take a chat online or @ mumble and see if anythings possible?

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Your roster actually sounds very compatible with my current roster, in the same situation as you guys. We just left our guild for the same reasons and I stole all the worthy players (Ones who dont ever !@#$ up on tactics or positioning while still pulling the correct healing/dps) and created a new guild. They elected me as raid leader and our first raid is tonight. We were going to have to pug a few people to make up numbers but if you guys want to come along that would be perfect. We have 2 tanks so that's not a problem (one has off spec DPS), we are just lacking a couple of healers and dps atm. I added you on Bnet anyway but mine is #mostlyhuman2596

EDIT: Forgot to add, we are currently 8/10 HC all of us and overgeared, progression just wasnt coming in the raid environment the old leader was setting. We are hoping to push mythic very very soon, we just need the people to have the right numbers.
hello mate, we Vanquished are looking for exactly this. we are about 10 to 15 active players coming to the end of our BFR heroic progression and want to move in tot he next stage which is mythic raiding. we are mainly after dps and this fits us really well. you have the same progression as us and after the same goals.


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