Rate the Death Knight transmog above you part 6

Death Knight
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8/10. the shoulders are maybe too bright though.

(is everybody frost now?) :D

Helm doesnt match

And yeah, everybody is frost since DW frost is best damage wise :)
6/10. ok set but not very original...esp with the tabard too.
Kinda cool, goblin-ish i suppose. 6/10
Sorry Sethrod, not feeling that tabard and weapon choice with the rest of your armour. I'd have to give it a 4/10.
Don't really enjoy the mix of sets that don't seem to fit together at all (?)
2/10 friend
I like the red-ish theme. Though I think the helm and weapons are a bit off.
Ill give you a 6/10.
Very nice, 9/10. I think that the weapons are too big for my taste.
7/10 the boots and helmet u should change
A nice set, you should work on swapping the helmet for the blue-d one to match it with the set properly, I'd say 8/10.
Conception in game.the red eyes u dont see because i m a sk and u only see my blue eyes so thz helmet is exatly fine in game only u cant see it here that is a shame :(

+ i give u a 8.5/10
9/10 very cool transmog.. imho i would remove the cloak!
3/10 don't get me wrong its a nice helm but it doesn't fit at all, also cata pvp set is so dull everyone has it and hailstorm (even tho its an amazing looking weapon) doesnt match either.
9/10 good looking specialy the glasses :P

skincolour not fitting :(
Just not the best model for blood elves
Great set :) Just don't like the weapons you've used with it :(
9/10 ^^
8/10 Looks nice but I don't think that helm fits those shoulders and the color pattern of your onehanders is a bit off compared to the set.
Get a different tabard and head transmog.
Okay I did change it a bit, instead of removing the tabbard as I like it quite a lot I just changed the color of the cloak, same for the goggles.

Your set on the other hand looks really nice, everything fits, color pattern and the items in general. 10/10

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