Since when Twisting Nether is a "turkish" realm?

Twisting Nether
Whenever I log in to play I see people yelling at various channel about turkish people spamming in turkish. So I went ahead and asked a really simple question and the question was why people are speaking in turkish instead of english. The reply I got was that I'm an idiot and that Twisting Nether is a turkish only realm. From what I remember this realm used to be really populated, especially by Horde, and it was english speaking. So if anybody knows I'd really like to know when did this realm "become" turkish or w/e.
I've noticed the same thing, it is really annoying. Seems like their invasion takes place on every possible front... :/
We are still a lot of English speaking people on Twisting Nether. I do think they just want attention ;)
There has been always been a presence of the Turks in the server, i think back in lich king there was one pretty competitive pve guild consisting only from Turks as well, i cannot recall the name. The mass invasion of Turkish people seems to have happened in the later of pandaria and increasing ever since, They mostly leave the trade chats alone on horde side but do spam quite a lot their language in raid instances.

Tit for that just leave Turks alone and let them live in their own bubble and create your own English speaking bubble and you will be fine, its virtual reality after all
Dug up some old wowprogress information and apparently the guild was called "Shîne" back in wotlk, even before that in vanilla there were some small turkish activity in the server
They were cucked by their neo-hitler president, so they are crying out for attention here on Twisting Nether. Blizzard should be banning them, since speaking a language other than English in public channels is forbidden, but we all know Blizzard won't do that.

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