6.2.1 Character Not Found error

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The loading screen sticks at 90% and then finally says Character Not Found.
Anyone else having problems logging in since the patch? Happens on all my toons
yes same problem
Ok, so I had the same problem. Came to the forums and no fix.

However, this fixed it for me:

Created a NEW character. It appeared that it was also going to stick at 90% but then the intro cinematic played.
I can now log into my other chars in garrison, Orgrimmar etc.

Not guaranteed to work but may. i also deleted my cache previously, but this didn't fix the issue and there have been a few game reloads and char log-in attemps in between.

Same here, come home want to go raid brf and !@#$in stuck at 90 % WTF CMON!
I'm getting exactly the same problem. Creating a new char didnt work for me.
Same problem, tried deleting WTF, Cache and Battle.Net completely

Nothing changed, waiting for solution.

Ran wow from wow.exe, restarted computer, closed background apps (LOL)

This is absurd that the customers are aware of an issue and not blizzard....blizzard dont even let people know something is wrong/that they are working to resolve it...


They should add 2 extra days to game time to everyone affected by this.
I still have this problem with every character on Defias Brotherhood, any other realm works.

I have the same problem. Just raided lfr and when i wait for return to garrison, i've been disconnected. Since then i can't login.
hımm , in past i fixed this !@#$ , but today it didnt work :s
Me too - same problem, stacking on ~90%
same problem
Same to me, not first time tho, happend a month ago too :/ GG
Same, happened after we won Arena and we couldn't logout. After game restart I get "Character not found"
I apparently pay to be a beta tester…
Wish that I could decline an update till later.

I have no patience nor understanding. Thanks Blizzard.

What the hell am I now suppose to use my life on, a book?! Never!!!
what the !@#$ is this %^-*?
Same !@#$ing here
Character not found error
Same here, can't log in on any of my characters

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