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The problem:
1. At start-up a black screen but I can hear the music and the mouse-glove is seen. But I can't do anything.
2. I press the keyboard, nothing happens until I reach the esc-button. And then I land on my desktop at my Mac.

I played the WoW earlier this year but had a litle break, but now I'd like to play again. What to do?

//Tirro - Peter from Sweden
Please enter your hard drive and then the Users folder, then enter the shared folder and remove the Blizzard folder.

Now enter your home folder and go into Library then preferences.
Remove any files called:
com.blizzard.World of Warcraft.prefs
and any other files starting com.blizzard.

You should then ensure you have the latest software updates for Mac OS X you can do this by going to the Apple menu then selecting the option Software Update.

If you have not already you should also ensure that you have repaired file permissions on the disk World of Warcraft is installed on.

* Click on the Finder icon in the Dock.
* Select your system disk
* Open the Applications folder.
* Open the Utilities folder.
* Double click on the Disk Utility application icon.
* Select the hard drive the game is installed on.
* Select the First Aid option.
* Click on the Repair File Permissions button.
after update for 5.4.7 (MAC)

When i start the game i get a black screen, the mouse changes to game mouse and i can hear the log in screen music, to get off of the black screen i have to shut down the computer.

i had a ticket open but someone at blizzard decided to cancel it, i just want to play the game i pay for !

also i have tried the steps above and nothing changed,
25/03/2014 11:15Posted by Sonofthelich
i had a ticket open but someone at blizzard decided to cancel it, i just want to play the game i pay for !

They do not cancel tickets like that, you might've opened a livechat and had some popup/adblocker active, it's a common problem. It appears to create a ticket but it's just a failed livechat. You will not get a response on this thread as it's from 2010, I honestly don't know anything about Macs - you can try creating your own thread and see if anyone has any ideas but do consider opening a ticket if you want a reply from Blizzard directly.

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