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ok so someone get onto my account the otherday stole all my gold etc.. i got it all back, but now i have a malicious software or something in my wow folder.. so i uninstalled it i run an AVG Virus check and it said found 4 virus and removed all.. so i went to install WOW and it gets stuck at 98% saying malicious software this action has been executed so it wont let me install wow again but it says i have no viruses when i go to AVG
Is it the World of Warcraft launcher that's giving your this notice, or a third party security program?

You could try these two programs:
Kaspersky (anti-virus, has a free trial): http://www.kaspersky.com/
Malwarebytes (anti-malware, free): http://www.malwarebytes.org/

Note that you should only ever have one antivirus program running, so uninstall your current program before installing Kaspersky trial.
its the world of warcraft installer . exe which has the malware virus thing.. the actuall virus is called like waorldofwarcraftinstaller.exe.boostrap.exe or something
ok so i downloaded malwarebytes trial and ran it, it said i have no viruses.. but i go to install wow but then comes up with malicious software and aborts the action to install it..!
i took screenshot.. this is a new one i think i got rid of the virus but now it says this :

screenshot : http://i52.tinypic.com/2dsg3eq.jpg
Try in Safe mode with Networking :
1. Shut the computer down completely and turn off its power

2. Wait 30 seconds, and then turn the computer on

3. The computer begins processing a set of instructions known as the Basic Input/Output System (BIOS). What is displayed depends on the BIOS manufacturer. Some computers display a progress bar that refers to the word BIOS, while others may not display any indication that this process is happening

4. As soon as the BIOS has finished loading, begin tapping the F8 key on your keyboard. Continue to do so until the Windows Advanced Options menu appears. If you begin tapping the F8 key too soon, some computers display a "keyboard error" message. To resolve this, restart the computer and try again

5. Using the arrow keys on the keyboard, scroll to and select the Safe mode with Networking menu item, and then press Enter. The computer should boot in Safe Mode.

Once in safe mode, try installing as normal.

To leave safe mode just reboot the computer normally.

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