Wow screen flashes black

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trying if its only wow now, by playing anoteher game.
But this started since last night for me (wednesday 05/01/11) and now it keeps happening, tried everything.

I log in
Play like 4-5min
Screen shakes -> Goes black
then screen somes back ( I can still write on party chat or any other chat) then turns black again..and keeps on going like this. I know it could be my video card, but then same stuff should be happening to other games aswel I think. Updates my drivers.

Name: NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GS
Manufacturer: NVIDIA
Driver Version: 8.17.0012.6099
Driver Date: 16/10/2010 19:55:00

Help would be appreciated
Does windows return any messages about the display driver stopping responding?

Are you playing in full screen?
playing full screen, when I alt tab there is a little message saying screen didnt work but solved itself now (probably the moment Im tabbed out of wow)

seems every time when I alt tab when the screen turns black and go back into the game.. its gone( but the black screen gets back after 1-2sec)
Can you try playing in a window, not full screen.

If the display driver is crashing it could be faulty, overheating or be a driver issue.
Are you using a HDMI cable to connect to your Monitor?

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