[A][PvE 10] Blackrock Diving School looking for divers!

Argent Dawn
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Blackrock Diving School is well-known in Azeroth for its lava diving and survival courses. BDS divers carry the most respected and sought-after scuba credentials in Kalimdor and Easter Kingdoms. The unsurpassed quality of BDS materials and the widespread acceptance of our certification cards lead to an unprecedented expansion of the organization.

With over 30 facilities covering reef diving in Zul Gurub to extreme lava survival in Blackwing Lair, we decided to enter another level (and dimension) and bring the joy of diving to Outlands. BDS Undead Survival courses in Serpentshrine, as well as Black Temple and Mount Hyjal Wildlife Photography tours, became instant hits. Following up on this we've enjoyed exploring the sewage in Naxxramas, skinny dipping in Yoggies pool, cave diving below the tournament and guild parties in Arthas' hottub.

Ending our cataclysmic diving experience with scuba lessons in the maelstrom, we are now looking forward to expand our experiences to Pandaria!

Who we are and what we want

Blackrock Diving School is based on an idea of carefully selecting members not only in respect of their raiding skills, but also on the basis of their social spirit and willingness to be a part of a community, instead of just another raiding guild. That means that in addition to raiding rules we have a Social Code that members have to sign. Still, we consider ourselves a raiding guild, not a social one, and progress is defininitely something that we plan to maintain. After all, we have been raiding three to four times a week since vanilla WoW, it is in our biological clock. ;-)

Do you have what it takes to be a Diver? If so, you might find a new home here!

Raiding days and times
We raid three nights a week from 20.30-23.30: Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday.

What do we offer?
Level 25 guild with all perks. Enchants, food, potions (20 per raid) and flasks provided for by guildbank. In return for this we simply require our raiders to run one guildrun a week.

More info at http://www.l2dive.com

Current recruitment needs:

Healers of all classes
Balance Druids
Elemental Shamans (what's the plural of shaman?)
Now that looks like a guild I'd be proud to be in :)
Full of loveable people, and fun challenges!
Bump for great diving experience
They've been known to sacrifice gnomish raid members for good odds on bossfights. It's true!
D'ah, just sign up. I'd be proud to get sacrificed for the welfare of BDS!
The above may or may not be true.... *shifty eyes*
A friendly bump back up there to page 1.
The sacrifice of gnomes is according to me a must during every raid, good thing we can res em over and over till our luck shifts :D
Stood in the fire? Next time, be prepared! Gain invaluable survival skills at the BLACKROCK DIVING SCHOOL. Defeat dragons and win designer gear!
Tired of getting torched by Deathwing while you're off grinding archaeology? BDS is hell bent on torching him and we need YOU to join our ranks!

Especially keen on healers at the moment.
Back to the top.
Still having some open spots for people brave enough to dive in lava :)
Need healers willing to heal gnomes.

Also seeking gnomes.
Updated with our latest recruitment needs. Healers and casters most welcome!
The rumours of gnome offerings during raids to ensure good fortune are totally false! And no, I don't mean offerings -to- gnomes.
Up, up and still looking for healers!
Now you get a free bunkbed in the guildhall!
We have now spanked Cho' and have moved on to Neffy - we're going for the juggular!

If you think you can stand the smell in the bear pens you are now welcome to apply to this honourable guild. If you're lucky you don't have to sleep with the tanks for too long.

We offer friendly atmosphere, sacrificial goats, steaming pool parties and more pink cake than you can stomach.

(Healers are most welcome, but DPS are also invited to apply!)
Up up we go.
Bump Bump Bump

Where are all of them good healers hiding? Is there like a special secret meeting place???
Anyways if you happen to be a healer or a decent caster that doesnt need my loot(jk jk) feel free to apply to this more than awesome guild.

BDS your home away from home ;)

Greetz Ever the (halfplucked) spacechicken
*starts plucking Evertje and helping him become a fully plucked spacechiken* ;)

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