[A][PvE 10] Blackrock Diving School looking for divers!

Argent Dawn
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*starts plucking Pluk as well*
We have great pension plans and health care benefits!
Bumpdey bump bump bump!

Come on guys, you know you want to join us!
Eek! A worgen! *puts on flea collar*
*Bumps* for good measure.

BDS is still looking for raiders!


Join us! You know you want to!
Updated with our current recruitment needs.

Can use some ranged dps and resto shammies!
*tries to lure some goats with space-hay*
Bumpin' dis tread, mon.
Still looking for ranged dps! Mages, warlocks, hunters and shadowpriests most welcome!
Ranged dps and resto druids and resto shamans most welcome! Also got a spot for non-warrior tanks!
That's ridiculous, everybody knows that druids are the only tanks... *nod*

I kid, I kid! *escapes the polymorph* :O
Bump Bump Bump... Reminds me of a song...

Ah well, seems we are still looking for some dedicated raiders that are available to raid on fridays aswell!!!
Bumpedy-bump! :)
We are still looking for raiders of various classes!

We've successfully killed Nefarian good enough to prevent him from reappearing untill Wednesday!

Slap your application on www.L2Dive.com and join us in dancing on the corpses of our foes!

Into the Bation of Twilight, BDS style. A short story by Prejudice.

”What the… Waddaya call this? You promised me vicious beasts!” Ganage was in a strop already, and the sheer amount of Twilight Cultists seemed to push him over the edge.

”Well, if it isn’t Mister Gwumpypants! Have something to eat.” With one hand on her hungry wolf’s collar Norvia shoved a basket towards the dwarf: grabby hands on the way securing their owners a bite of cold crab.

”Is… is this thing alive still?” Evertje looked aghast at the thought of eating living creatures.

”Yes, but we fattened it up on chicken feed from Westfall before we dipped it in the basket,” said Plukette sardonically. Magistros and Wobwoy were bustling with their cupcake-filled boxes, trying to distribute them evenly among their fellow divers.

While adjusting her imp’s attitude Tzarina eyed the blinking crab with suspicion: ”Does it still have its soul intact? I’m a sucker for good souls.”

”Oy! Don’t you even dare! I refuse to touch soulless things! Even if it’s just seafood.” Esté was seconded by her holier than thou-teammates. ”We’d rather starve!”

Valp was busy tucking yet another highly polished soul stone into his bag when his attention was drawn to Drakom who was looking a bit pale.

”I wish we could all be friends. Sometimes, I just want a hug…”

Stalkey and Blackfox looked close to tears but stifled their laughter as Shahi went over to put his arm around the plated draenei:

”Don’t worry. We got your back in there.”

”Was that supposed to be reassuring?” Neroah had just dropped her axe on Esmao’s foot and the dwarf was hopping around swearing loudly. Lyrande was watching the scene with mild interest.

”Time to get the show started.” Bencylverni pointed a twig-like finger at Brognir: ”Go wake the wretch.” He nudged his head towards a plinth where an elf was laying upside-down, snoring loudly and dripping poison all over the floor.

”Please do, she’s hurting my delicate ears.” Tantium slowly shook his head and picked up his sword.

One of Thracia’s arrows shattered into the wall, stirring Prejudice from her beauty sleep:

”Hic! Is it killing time yet or do I have time for another drink?”
We are now a lvl 25 guild *flex*
Currenly looking for:

Resto shamans
A kitty druid
Blood DK.

But others may apply as we're always open to exeptional players.
After the stars aligned we finally snagged a gnome. Apply before all its limbs have been sacrificed.
Bump just because we are lvl 25 and everything! :D
I can assure all gnomes wanting to apply that the rumours are all false..... >.>
Bump Bump Bump we are still looking for a bunch of casters, so feel free to apply :D

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