[A][PvE 10] Blackrock Diving School looking for divers!

Argent Dawn
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Gentle nudge back to the top. We still have openings for a lot of classes!
What is your current progress in 25? Any hc?
Our current progress is 11/12 normal. Currently working on Al'Akir p3 to get our silly mounts.

Still in need of more raiders! :)

Non-druid caster dps! Non-warrior tanks! Resto shammies!
Join today in the battle against that pesky guy who calls himself Al'akir.
”Run, run, run as fast as you can!” Bencylverni chanted while bouncing around behind Lyrande. The druid was carefully healing the warrior without getting attention from the angry piles of bone and sinew currently being teased by the seasoned tank.

”The smell is really starting to get to me, though I have a strange hankering for a good barbeque,” said Prejudice sardonically, jerking her head towards the freshly resurrected Onyxia.

”Aye, she’s been through the mill a few times that one.” Blackfox did his best to breathe through his mouth, but he was dedicated to the cause and with a snarl he locked his jaws around a hind leg and tore off a strip of bloody tendons.

”How does she taste?” Dragel halted his axe for a moment to look at his feral friend.

”Probably like fermented and hard-boiled dragon, if I’m not much mistaken.” Zergg had blown up his plumage and looked positively deranged as he sent spell after spell towards the bedraggled old foe.

The warlocks were all busy commanding their demons to the target when Spoonoid, one of the priests, pulled Tyranyx out of harm’s way:

”Watch out! Incoming bastard, two o’clock!”

As Nefarian took his place in the ring of battle Lidye scrambled to get out from under his massive wings. Suzue, on the other hand, wondered how Spoonoid could be worried about the time at such a moment in history.

” Curse you mortals! Such callous disregard for one's possessions must be met with extreme force. I hope you can swim... in molten lava!”

”Get out of my way! The lava is rising!” Kyllarone shifted from his usual ursine self to an agile cat and sprinted towards a rising plateau.

”Diving in lava! How curious! It’s like returning home, isn’t it?” Kielen laughed as she crawled atop a pillar standing out of the deadly sea.

”At least no-one can complain about being cold here. I don’t miss that about Icecrown Citadel!” Trira laughed and kicked the prototype on the shin causing it to hop around swinging madly at the other combatants.

”So true! I can show my tattoos in here!” Gabsia flexed her muscles before punching the prototype in the stomach.

”Are you done yet?” Stalkey barked across the sea of cinders. ”I have a desire to slaughter more dragons here, guys!”

”Ahoi! Get on with it!” With clenched fists Evertje send a bolt of his own wrath at Nefarian causing him to slowly drift back to the ground. As the disturbed dragon shot a nasty glare at the druid Esté shielded her with a shiny barrier.

Ganage ran forward with an angry battle cry that sent shivers down Neroah’s spine:

”Darn, I always thought his braided beard would muffle the sounds he makes… Seems I was mistaken.”

In blunt resourcefulness Brognir grabbed hold of the nearest elf, who turned out to be Prejudice, and threw her at the giant dragon. With a victorious cry she broke off several scales with her dagger. Thracia aimed a poison-soaked arrow at his pulsating flesh and as the rogue was thrown off into a wall she watched it sink deep.

Plukette looked on as Nefarian lowered his head in desperation and charged at Drakom. Eikoni sent his shield flying and the mage Magistros had just enough mana left to create one last fireball. It hit the side of the dragon’s head and with one last roar it fell to the side. Their combined efforts had been enough to end the dark reign.

Once again, Nefarian was no more.

BDS is still looking for able-bodied raiders to join our ranks!
Top post up to date with our latest recruitment needs!

Gnomes also welcome!
Top post up to date with our latest recruitment needs!

Gnomes also welcome!

GNOMES?!?!?!?!? Pluk is going mental...
Still need gnomes and also spots for balance druid (or any kind of other caster DPS!)
Still several spots open for recruits!
And up you go.


Unless it's fire. Then it's allright.
Updated once again with latest recruitment needs:

High demand:
Shaman elemental, resto
Druid resto, feral tank, balance
Priest holy/disc, shadow
Death Knight frost/unholy, blood
Paladin prot
Warrior prot

1-2 spots left for:
Shaman enhancement
Druid feral dps
Paladin holy
Warrior fury/arms
What's all this then?
I was told there was free beer here, but it's just a bunch of words and stuff?
Where's my pint o' bitter? What have you women done with it?!
*burps* I haven't seen it.
Current progress update: 12/12 Normal and 1/12 HC

Come help us nail those other HC kills and sign up to become an extreme LAVA DIVER!!!
Still looking for new recruits to push into 25-man firelands raiding.
A new raid instance is upon us to host lava diving sessions! Come join BDS for 25-man raiding fun!
What better guild to battle against Ragnaros with than one that has extensive experience with lava in all its forms? Join up today!
Still offering lava-diving courses in firelands!

caster dps
Up you go.

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