[A][PvE 10] Blackrock Diving School looking for divers!

Argent Dawn
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That is, they are potentially interested in BDS, not potentially gnomes... just to clarify..
Feel free to leave an application on our forum over at www.l2dive.com , Archaic.

We look forward to reading it :)
Miss Plukette, I already did that... awaiting one of your kindly Gnome munching officers to baste me ready for an interview....
Currently recruiting ranged DPS and healers for Dragon Soul 25 progression (1/8HC), please visit www.l2dive.com for more info!
Still some spots left for suici...optimistic gnomes.
Bump for 25-man raiding.
Up we go.

We have a great need for ranged dps, at the moment. We are currently progressed 1/8 heroic 25-man Dragon Soul and are working on doing the non-heroic achievements as well.

Currently we have done:
Don't Stand So Close To Me (TrashMob)
Taste The Rainbow (Yor, Hunter From The Future)
Ping-Pong Champion (Zon'Booze)
Minutes to Midnight (UltraButton)
Maybe He'll Get Dizzy (MovieCrashBoss)

We are working on:
Holding Hands (need 25 people for it!)
Deck Defender (need more ranged dps it seems)
Chromatic Champion (Nozzie and Kalec left)

If you are like us, and love 25-man raiding, ASCII B( . Y . )BS, lava-diving and single moms (ok, maybe not all of the Roster loves single moms)... hits us up with an application at www.l2dive.com
ASCII B( . Y . )BS

And manly chests.
No longer working on Deck Defender!

Still need ranged dps!

If you also like ASCII [ . @ . ], hit us up over at www.l2dive.com
Still some spots to be filled, get your daily dose of ASCII B( . Y . )BS today.
We still have several spots for ranged dps. Our progress remains 1/8 heroic 25-man Dragon soul. As of last night we have cleared all non-heroic 25-man Dragon Soul achievements except Holding Hands and intend to keep clearing them if members miss any.

Post up an application on www.l2dive.com if you enjoy 25-man raiding!
Up we go.
Especially looking for:
Priests of any kind
Balance druids
Shamans of any kind
Death Knights

However, we have room for most other classes as well!

If you like 25-man raiding in an active, social guild, look us up at www.l2dive.com to leave an application on the forum.
up up!
Current recruitment needs:

Priest shadow, holy/disc
Druids balance,resto
Shaman enhancement, resto, elemental
Paladin holy
Warriors fury/arms
Deathknight unholy/frost
Le bump.
Bump dee bump.

With dwindling interest in 25-man raiding, BDS is now raiding 10-man Dragon Soul Heroic. Our latest progress is 5/8 heroic. We are especially looking for healers and ranged dps (preferably with a healing offspec) to boost our numbers.

Apply over at www.l2dive.com

Raiding days and times still:
thu, sun and tue 20.30-23.30
Flasks, food, potions, enchants and repairs provided by guildbank. Level 25 guild with full perks. Long standing history on AD.

We are looking forward to your application!
Bump, we are looking for healers and ranged dps with a healing offspec for 10-man raiding.

Current progress: 5/8 HC DS-10.
No openings on the raiding team at this moment, we do offer social membership trials though.

Current progress 7/8 heroic DS10. Looking for healers and ranged dps with strong healing offspec.

Post your applications over at www.l2dive.com

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