[A][PvE 10] Blackrock Diving School looking for divers!

Argent Dawn
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Hi there

Not sure if I am in the right thread.....I know Evertje (and have done with wow for years as he was my raid leader for a while)

Ok, now my post......I am starting again....I had a level 85 mage, level 82 pally and I raided with them both....but the simple story is....they were on my ex bfs accounts!!!

I know how the game works.... I am working to start again and aim to be at end game content very soon.....I enjoy the game and hope to bring to the guild something fun and would hope for a happy raiding content (is that because I am a girl - I dont know - ask evertje!!)

I aim to work up to a level that I cant eventually raid with you but am working up from the start again!! I know a number of different chars but to be honest I enjoy magic....hence why i am now working on a druid....I have all the options

My mage worked with Lich King Content and when Cata came out, I will be honest, I quested her to 85 very fast!!

Now it is me.......a 29yr old on her own....looking to build up and progress with people she worked with at the start!! If I can't and would need to work harder....I will....but all I am asking for is a chance....at least socially :)

Carly x
Up we go for new raiding adventures!

We are looking for healers to join our 10-man raiding team.
Bump bump.

Still looking for healers.

Also looking for any non-leather melee dps: warrior, dk, paladin, shaman.
Up we go!

Looking for healers and ranged dps and possibly a melee dps (shammy/plate).

We are currently recruiting healers, plate melee, hunters and caster dps.
Still looking for healers, plate/mail melee, hunters and caster dps.
We are currently looking for healers, ranged dps (incl. hunter) and gnomes.
We are currently looking for... gnomes.

Good choice.
Up up!

We are currently recruiting tanks, healers and ranged dps (incl. hunters). They can be gnomes too!

Our current progress is 7/12 Throne of Thunders 10-man normals.

We still raid thu/sun/tue from 20.30-23.30 server time.

Guildbank takes care of flasks, banquets, potions, repairs and enchants.

More info at www.l2dive.com (as in learn2dive)
Up we go!

We are currently recruiting healers of all classes, hunters, shadow priests and elemental/enhancement shamans.

Our current progress is 2/13 HC Throne of Thunder 10-man.

We raid thu/sun/tue 20.30-23.30 server time.

Guildbank provides flasks, banquets, potions, repairs and enchants.

More info at www.l2dive.com (as in learn2dive)

Our progress 2 raids into the new patch is 4/14 SoO 10-man.

Still thu/sun/tue 20.30-23.30 server time.

Still full support from our guildbank for guildmembers.

We are looking for:
shadow priests

More info at www.l2dive.com (as in learn2dive)
Up up!

Our current progress is 9/14 heroic SoS 10-man.

Still raiding thu/sun/tue 20.30-23.30 server time.

Our guildbank provides enchants, flasks, potions, noodles, repairs.

We are looking for:
Healers of any class

More info to be found at www.l2dive.com (as in learn2dive)
Up we go

Still on 9/14 heroic SoO 10-man progress.

Recruitment expanded to:
Healers of any class
Elemental Shamans
Balance druids

Join Blackrock Diving School! Learn to dive! More info at www.l2dive.com
Current recruitment needs are:

Balance/Restoration Druid
Mistweaver/Windwalker Monk
Holy Paladin
Shadow Priest
Elemental/Enhancement Shaman

Progress is 10/10 Normal Blackrock Foundry and 10/10 Heroic Blackrock Foundry.

Join Blackrock Diving School! Learn to dive! More info at www.l2dive.com
Just saying, the guild name is amazing.
Current recruitment needs are:

Blood Death Knight
Restoration / Guardian Druid
Mistweaver / Windwalker Monk
Protection / Holy Paladin
Shadow Priest
Elemental / Restoration Shaman
Protection Warrior

Progress is 12/13 Normal Hellfire Citadel.

Join Blackrock Diving School! Learn to dive! More info at www.l2dive.com
Still looking for:

a tank (all except prot pally)

a healer (any class)

Many ranged DPS (class is no concern)

We are 8/14 heroic HFC and will be going for archimonde soon for the full normal clear!
We are looking currently for:

Tank (except for prot pally)

DPS (melee prefered)

We are at 12/13 Heroic HFC and 13/13 Normal HFC.
Hi im ganganz! Im a resto druid looking to join a fun and freindly guild! Ive been raiding high end for a while (13/13hc 2/13m) But am finding myself bored as theres no social element to it. I really want to raid with a good group of freinds who will laugh rather than shout when we wipe. Your guild sounds like a nice place and i would love to have a look as these kind of guilds are rare gems! My battle tag is Higgswaz#2983 if you want to chat cuz i would love to!! Really hope to raid with you soon!! :D :D
I still keep reading your title as blackrock dRiving school :P

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