[A][PvE 10] Blackrock Diving School looking for divers!

Argent Dawn
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We are looking currently for:

Tank (except for prot pally)


DPS (melee prefered)

We are at 12/13 Heroic HFC and 13/13 Normal HFC.
Top post is up to date, but here is our list of what we are looking to recruit:
deathknight (dd) medium
deathknight (tank) medium
demon (hunter) high
druid (balance) medium
druid (restoration) high
druid (feral-dd) low
druid (feral-tank) high
hunter medium
mage low
monk (healer) low

We are currently on 8/9 HC Tomb of Sargeras.
monk (dd) low
monk (tank) low
paladin (holy) low
paladin (protection) low
paladin (retribution) low
priest (healer) medium
priest (dd) low
rogue high
shaman (elemental) high
shaman (enhancement) high
shaman (restoration) high
warlock medium
warrior (dd) high
warrior (protection) high

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