(A) Looking for more Muppets

We are a social Frostmane guild, consisting mostly of old-school players who used to play hc, but at some point got jobs/families/other obligations and decided to go casual. Thus, we don't require imba gear, all possible and impossible achievement, and 100 % raid attendance. However, we do raid (10 men instances), and we try to balance all aspects of this game with healthy irl life. We can offer you a great atmosphere, good laughs, but some boss kills as well.

We need similar minded players who like to play this game as a game, not as a second job. Although our requirements are not that high, we do expect you to have some basic skills, to be able to use your head and to be a nice person. We're currently mostly in need of tanks so we can form a 3nd 10 men grp in the future, also badly need rogues, but we will take into consideration all nicely written applications.

If all of this sounds appealing to you, please visit us on http://muppets.guildlaunch.com and leave your application. If you have any questions, whisper me, Leonis, Jakdaniels, Ulfaran, Slipmage, Nutz or Talym in game, or just ask any Muppet for officers online.
Forgot to mention, our current raid times are Wednesday, Thursday and Monday for 10 men raids, 20.00 - 00.00, and we usually do rated BGs with full guild grp on Tuesday evenings, and alt raids on Sundays.
To bad I am horde :(
Faction change ftw :)

Btw, our forums are up an running again. Still in need of some good people.
Muppets \o/

Looking for a good hunter, ele shammie, and a mage. Ofc, all other apps are welcomed as well.

Still in need of a few reliable players. Mostly lacking good dps, but all other apps are welcomed ofc.
And still looking for more Muppets. We can offer you a warm home and cookies.

In need of hunters, and all kinds of ranged DPS. All other applications are also welcomed.
Bump to the top of the PILE olol.........
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Chameleon eyes!
15/03/2011 7:31 PMPosted by Omega
Bump to the top of the PILE olol.........

Oh, mega funny!
Bump for Pile and Muppets ^-^
Need hunters! Come on you bastards, I know there are some of you out there who'd fit nicely into our group. Drop an application on the aforementioned forums.

- Thuvin
<3 Marina

And still in need for some more people to keep stabile 2 groups going on.
And another bump.

Now we can offer you a 25 lvl guild with only Nef left to kill, lots of laughs and cookies. Still mostly looking for ranged dps, but any other classes are welcomed to apply as well.
Another update: Nef finally down, thus bringing our count of dead bosses on 12/12 normal. Also, our Web site is currently down so you can just talk to me or any other officer in game, or you can visit our new page on http://muppets.guildlaunch.com/index.php?gid=209302&f=1479598.
Bump =o)
Congrats to you guiz :D

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