So much hate against hunters in dungeons?

I haven't experienced any kind of hate. Quite the opposite in fact, misdirecting all mobs to tank, using aspect of the pack without getting everyone dazed, slowing down packs with traps and stunning them with binding shot.

When I've played with hunters on my paladin they've been a joy to play with (unless they're stupid) just because of the amount of utility they bring.

Not really sure why you'd be getting hate unless you're doing something wrong.
I try to respect all these simple rules. But sometimes it just itches!

For example, take a raid leader who constantly urges us to get away from the tanks so we can't make MD to them.
Or that crusader-like retri paladin who pulls everything when pet's tanking (because there is no tank).
Or that rogue who can't see a difference between the mail and the leatha.

But at all, the most stubborn enemy of a hunter is another hunter. Because "my pet is better, I won't misdirect to your puny critter". Because "who cares about the overlapping buffs?"
And of course because "why do you stare at me, that was the other one's fault".
Not just dungeons, battlegrounds, arenas, world pvp, highmaul coliseum, i think everyone everywhere in the world hates huntards, even if they don't play WoW, or have no idea what WoW is, they will automatically hate huntards.
Well, as first time hunter ever in 10 years, yes, people can get quite sensitive about having a hunter in their group.
Did a lot of PvE, PvP on many chars and I never joined the blame the hunter bandwagon, but I never rolled one until a few weeks ago because misconceptions wow community has about the players that play the class. Which I did have aswell in some degree.

But I'm having fun, actually, playing the toon, and it's not hard to turn a 5man party be on your side, with logics and a few jokes. WoW never changes, so my guess, is pretty hard to be ignorant on the game and actually get flamed/kicked or get anywhere near a situation like that :)
i dont give a !@#$ :)

if u play ur class well i dont see a problem , every class make some mistakes ...

i hate warlocks
I think its just hate against blizzard that gets taken out upon hunters, and healers, and tanks and actually everyone else too...
haha bet ur pet had growl on, or u forgot to take of aspect lol
'Tis all a jolly wheeze - just play as well as you can and avoid the cliché Huntard gaffs.

If you do that, just let it wash over you and float away on the storm. Play properly and ignore the empty skulls.
Been levelling this new toon as a tank and I have just stopped tanking in group with hunters as almost all of them are huntards, not only with growl on, aspect on but they always run ahead and just start pulling everything before you, it's like waiting those extra couple of seconds for you to pull will mean the end of the world!

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