Faction Change

Bloodfeather / Burning Steppes / Executus / Kor’gall / Shattered Hand
I know theres more horde on Shattered Hand but with the Connected servers , hows the ratio ?

After 6 years of looking at cows , dead peoples and hot female Bloodelves its maybe time to try this again , but if theres 1 aliance for 100 horde ill pass :)

anyone knows ?
Hi Fanta,

Apparently this is an approximate guide of the current status of A:H ratio on SH: https://realmpop.com/eu-shattered-hand.html

The connected servers have helped (IMO), however it is weighed toward horde still on SH alone these days (no problems with that, got many dear friend on horde side). However nothing will change unless people decide to even the balance, so will leave it with you and wish you well in game mate.

Hope I've helped somehow! Just tried to be balanced and honest for you!
Ah thx :)

im still having a dilemma though ^^ going faction change or faction change +server change ^^

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