Experience distribution after the battle.

Pet Battles
Is anyone sure how EXP is given to the pets?

It is said that wider level difference = more exp,
but I don't find this true as I can show it below:

http://i.imgur.com/M7UVEmQ.jpg (hat bonus only)

I'm also sure that victory with a single progressing pet – even with the hat – doesn't give you 5.5k+ exp.

I'm fine with it and don't consider it as a bug.
I think rather that there is a more complex rule not fully discovered yet.
However, I've a need to explain this, especially remembering how @Gráinne was convinced that leveling one pet at a time is more efficient.
Hope that this little example can help. :)

Edit: If both pets are 1, they both get 2393 EXP (or something like that) with the hat.
I do know that the XP gains for low level pets were nerfed considerably mid MoP (a win against Farmer Nishi meant instant 1-17), so it's likely that there's a cap, or diminishing returns, somewhere. Or perhaps even that the "difficulty bonus" doesn't apply below a certain threshold.

This is only noticeable against trainers though, most likely because their XP bonuses are very large. As for dividing the XP, no matter what you do, it'll always be less efficient to level several pets at a time - particularly when one of them loses the bonus modifiers due to level. In fact, having a level 24 in the team is about the worst thing that can happen to you if you're leveling someone else!

By the way, single lvl 1 pet vs Ashley does grant ~5k experience, resulting in a level 12 instant ding.

Thanks for bringing this up, Remte! It's exactly the kind of inconsequential puzzle I enjoy.

I never actually considered that leveling one pet at a time is more efficient from an XP-gain perspective. I never thought of that. Probably should have. I always assumed that the battle resulted in a certain amount of XP, which was then shared among the sub-25 pets, with higher level pets getting more according to some formula.

Your example shows that the pets got unequal amounts. That's interesting in itself.

I just meant that, when levelling pets, it's easier to keep track, and easier to keep motivated, when you get one at a time to 25.

I remember a time when I was levelling loads, and I used to try swapping around which pet I was levelling, and it was disheartening to see this swamp of 14s, 15s, 16s, 17, 18s that never seemed to clear. It got a lot better for me when I focused on one pet, got it to 25, and could tick that one off as finished, even if I was only getting the same amount of XP progress.

Funny - I miss those days now. ;P
Next example, two at a time, hat bonus included.

Level 9: 3185 XP – hop to 12/13 (depends on the level stage :P)
Level 13: 3020 XP – hop to 15/16

This gives together 6205 XP(!), unlike in the original example, where it's 5494 XP.

More and more strangely, even if an artificial nerf could explain this :)

Has anyone archived similar stats too? With either a single pet or the duos.

Edit: Single pet – end 13th – 5143 XP to the very end of the 17th (1428/1430). Draenor tamer (Cymre, this time) and hat aswell.
25/05/2015 17:34Posted by Remte
It is said that wider level difference = more exp

Well not quite; what you get is a 'difficulty bonus' if your pets are of lower level.

It's actually quite simple, the formula which decides the amount of experience awarded, is not a linear equation, but a quadratic equation.
The formula looks something like this:
X: is your pet's level
Y: is your opponents' pet level

M: is the multiple-pet bonus
M = 1, when fighting one pet
M = 2, when fighting two pets
M = 2.5, when fighting three pets

T: is the tamer bonus
T = 1.0 when fighting wild pet battles (non-tamer battles)
T = 2.0 when fighting any Celestial Tournament tamer
T = 2.5 when fighting Zunta, Julia Stevens, Dagra the Fierce or Old MacDonald
T = 3.0 when fighting any other Classic WoW, Outlands, Northrend, or Cataclysm -Tamer
T = 5.0 when fighting most WoD tamers, any Pandaria tamer, the Feasel brothers, and Little Tommy Newcomer.
T = 6.0 when fighting Ashlei

B: is the buff bonus (e.g. your safari hat or/and other treats).

So to give an example; let's assume you are fighting Ashlei, with just the safari hat.
Ashlei's pets are level 25, and she has 3 pets:
By keeping our pet's level as a variable, you can see what effects your pet's level has to the experience gained. Below is a graph:

25/05/2015 17:34Posted by Remte
However, I've a need to explain this, especially remembering how @Gráinne was convinced that leveling one pet at a time is more efficient.

This was actually just a rumour. It actually doesn't matter how many pets you level at a time, the overall experience will just be split among them.
Take your own example for instance:
25/05/2015 17:34Posted by Remte
If both pets are 1, they both get 2393 EXP (or something like that) with the hat.

And if you only had one level 1 pet, it would get 4785 experience, which is just the doubled amount.
You can calculate it using the same formula:
(1+9)*(25-1+5)*2.5*6*1.1 = 4785

If you are levelling two pets at the same time, who are of different level, then it gets a bit more complicated to calculate the exact amount. The higher level pet usually gets slightly less than half, and the lower level pet gets slightly more; but generally, levelling two pets at a time, just means the experience awarded is split between them.

There is also a post about it on warcraftpets.com
Thanks for that WarcraftPets link, Rayzan.

I've been recording XP from some battles recently, with the thought of reverse-engineering the formula, but I should have expected that someone had already documented it.

I have verified that the formula

experience = B*T*N*[(your_pet_level + 9) * (opponent_pet_level - your_pet_level + 5)]

holds for Pandaria battles I have recorded at levels 6, 9, 13, 14, 15, 17, 18, and 21, so I'm calling that good enough confirmation for my purposes.
Hello Rayzan!

I'm very impressed with all this stuff. :)
I didn't expect that someone can be so patient and kinda devoted to do a such detailed report.

So essentially, into the main battle shall we bring pets what are 11?

Not bad!

(However, I like Ashlei battles with two fresh carry pets and a hat.
Pets level up to the early 9s, which makes them perfect from the trading perspective. ;>
Poor Doodle.)
30/05/2015 09:01Posted by Remte
So essentially, into the main battle shall we bring pets what are 11?

It all really depends on the level of your opponent. Against level 25 opponents, pets of level 10-11 gain the most experience.

If you decrease the opponent level, the peak-level moves slightly to the left, as illustrated below:
X = Your pet's level (which remains as a variable)
Y = Your opponent's pet level (which is changed depending on the graph you look at)
(Note: I set the tamer bonus to 3 in this graph)

The graph above shows the experience gained from fighting opponents of level 25, 22, 18, 12 and 5*.
So while the peak of level 25 opponents is at level 10-11, the peak of level 22 opponents is at level 9.

One thing to remember however, is the multiplier (M*T*B). This is essentially just a constant, multiplied to the result to give you a 'big boost'.
As this is just a constant, it has no effect on the peak level, e.g. wearing the safari hat doesn't change the fact that level 10-11 pets gain the most experience against level 25 opponents; the hat just adds an additional 10% experience to the result.

However, the tamer bonus depends on who you battle, and to some degree, the 'multiple-pet-bonus' does too. So by choosing lower level opponents, this bonus will decrease.

So yeah, there is a peak level at which your pets gain the most experience - which as mentioned, depends on your opponents' level. However, because the multiplier decreases as you face lower level opponents, then it may not be worth it fighting the rookie tamers. At least, I would first focus on the tamers who give the highest 'tamer bonus'.
In the end it only takes you one battle against a tamer of WoD or Pandaria to get your level 1 pet to level 11.

* This last one may have been redundant, as there probably aren't any tamers with level 5 pets, who go under the category of:
T = 3.0 when fighting any other Classic WoW, Outlands, Northrend, or Cataclysm -Tamer
But it may give you the basic idea of how it works.
Hmm, they probably slightly buffed XP gain at the garrison.

Today there's Beakinator and my starting pet (magic one, so didn't die :p) has gained 319 XP (becoming 4 lvl and 1/5) with a hat.

Maybe this isn't a master's growth, but comparing to the previous state it's nice, especially with a such quick fight like with Beakinator.
And it's good when you have a pet that needs a small amount of XP to level up.

EDIT: Now I tried with Florets and there is the old state again :(
EDIT2: Eleanor works like Beakinator too! Apparently XP is related to… single pet's health? Or something.
EDIT3: Stitches Jr. also. But Quintessence not. Strange.

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