What was your favorite quest

Mine was training withmaster bruised paw, was enjoying so much in training with him. Loved the cutscenes so much :)
My favourite quest chain was in new Thousand Needles, where you help the tauren brave against the Grimtotem.
I know it's cliché but I loved "Welcome to the Machine". I remember doing it for the first time and smiling like an idiot the whole way through. I found, and still find, it to be such a creative and different quest. Wish there was more like it in the game.
squashing the lil gnomes in uldum
For epicness sake: The assault on Light´s Hope Chapel. For the Lich King!

For some laughs: The Day Deathwing Came. I´m gonna punch that dragon in the face!
the one where you get to be a gnome and "make the world smaller" and go around chasing a dragon in the sky and the other stuff .. definitely fun
My favourite questlines:

  • "A tale of Valor" in Icecrown
  • the one involving Rhea in Badlands starting with "Easily Swayed" in Fuselight
  • There might be a one or two more, but can't remember now.
    oo oo the quest that sent you to karazhan for the first time and you wondered WTF AM I DONG ON STAGE, IS THAT A WOLF WTF IS GOING ON"
    Best part of wow, for me .. that stage battle in kara.
    Love it :DDDDD
    The original Stalvan Mistmantle quest which had you running all over the place discovering everything you could about him before finally defeating him in his cottage.

    The Onyxia attunement quest culminating in Onyxia being revealed in Stormwind Keep. This was one of those really cool quests that as a low level I saw the end part of before I saw the start of it. Just wandering around Stormwind Keep one day, I happened to see a dozen or so elite dragons spawn out of nowhere and start massacring everyone. I had no idea what was happening but decided it would be fun to wade in and do my bit. I was level 20 at the time. I got one shot and spent the rest of the fight lying dead on the throne room floor. Several months later, I actually got to start the questline proper and had great fun revisiting the throne room and not get massacring this time around.

    The missing diplomat quest also, though it's a pity it never reached a decent conclusion at the time.

    Little Pamela in Western Plaguelands was also a favourite. And the Tyrion Fordring quests in Eastern Plaguelands.

    Doing the various quests to gather the reagents to summon the elite bosses in Silithus occupied a lot of my time during TBC.

    And who can forget the lengthy, and very costly, quest to upgrade the original dungeon set? I only completed it at 80 so the gear was useless to me by then but it was still one of the best questlines in the game.
    The legend of Stalvan.
    Well :

    For the Warrior how you had to learn some of the battlestances.
    For the Druid where you had to learn the animals form ( bear and sealion , i believe)
    For the Rogue how to use youre posions and such stuf
    For the Warlock the summoning of that fiery warlock horsie

    The fallen hero of the Horde
    And the quest chain of :
    With ended with You Are Rakh'likh, Demon

    That was fun and truly epic!
    Oh there were some great quests in this game (some still are).

    Molten Core atunement. If was harsh... and an insane amount of traveling (undead at that time)... and difficult. And once you were done... it felt... awesome.

    Onyxia as well, including the fight.

    The scourge invasion or the opening of AQ and the quests along with it! AWESOME!

    Basically all those things that made you feel as a part of a big, interconnected world of warcraft.

    Not this inconsistant, instant, arcade, pokemon&twitter integrated "§%&"§&"§4 we have now...

    As human, the j.j. keshan in redridge gave me a laugh, but it was already too much "out of this game".


    The "smaller" thing I do fondly remember was the whole story around scholomance. That, as an undead rogue, was just... epic (playing on an alliance dominated pvp realm made it VERY interesting!).
    All Azshara quests ^^ they are soo funny I laughed all day ,its like "The Day that Deathwing Came" land :D
    It's really hard to chose a favorite,there are a lot of great questlines imo.

    Both main questlines in old Duskwoon-The legend of Stalvan Mistmantle,and the other one whose name escapes me,the one that includes Jitters,Scythe of elune,Dark riders and such,I tought it was quite compelling.

    The quest for Linken's sword was beautiful.
    The old questline in plaguelands that led to the battle for Darrowshire was very intriguing aswell.

    But I'm not saying old quests were the best,one that I instantly fell in love was the finale of the Valley of the Four Winds,a little way down the road from OP's favorite quest.
    Savior of Stoneplow is the name I think.Saving that little village felt more rewarding and heroic than killing Deathwing and getting that super long pretentious title that nobody even uses,but then again that is just my opinion,no offense to any Deathwing fans!

    EDIT:Oh,I can't forget to mention the VanCleef storyline,including the parts that continue after his death.Finding out about his side of the story really made me dislike killing him.Also we got to meet Tyrion Lannister in WoW.
    The Stonetalon finale for the Horde, when Garrosh shows up on the scene and liberates the Cliffwalker Village.

    "Let honor guide you. Do not forget that Hellscream's eyes are always upon you."

    I still shiver everytime i see this scene. RIP, beloved Warchief.

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