I cant decide whether to make a Pandaren Monk or not..

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I really need some opinions and help on this, i've always wanted to play the Pandaren race, but i cant decide if i should make it into a monk or not i've always wanted to play the monk too but im worried of looking to common or too generic you know? I like to be a bit different.. I just dont want to be "like everyone else" I've tried making a night elf monk but i already have my nelf rogue it doesnt feel right. What should i do? There arent any other classes i really want to play with the panda either :/
Feel free to play any class-and-race combo you like, stereotype or not. About 40% of Tauren and Night Elves are Druids. The majority of Paladins are Humans and Blood Elves, both have about 35% of all Paladins. Dwarves could be Paladins since from the beginning of WoW but their share is less than 8%.

Try out your Pandaren Monk, test out the different specs. It's the only way to find out if you'll like it. I really liked the Pandaren starting experience.

If you want to create a rarer class-and-race combo check realmpop.com/eu.html.
Pandaren warriors have some awesome looking stances and animations, really like the female one, might be worth looking at.
Play whatever combination you like the best, I've played a few different races as monks and pandaren definitely fit the class best, the animations are very smooth but then again that seems to be the case with most pandaren classes.
Personally I like pandaren warriors most, the combat doesn't feel clunky and they look awesome in plate.
You can always Delete a character so just try out whatever you like, look at the animations etc., then decide.

Personally, my male Panda Shaman has been the only character I Deleted after levelling past 10.

On an Account with 30-odd slots left.

Not because it was a Shaman.

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