Computer freeze with buzzing noise. SOLUTION!

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Hey, so i've had this problem ever since i renewed my game time to play. My computer would simply just freeze up making this horrible noise in my speakers/headset. The only way to get out of the freeze was to shut down PC with power-button. After many days of frustration i finally found out why this was happening.
I had more than one sound device application at the same time, they would fight eachothers for information causing the crash. To fix this you just have to go to the Device Manager(I beleive its called in English] and inactivate the ones you dont need.
This shows it in Swedish as i am from Sweden, hopefully you can understand anyway.

Hope this works for you, and if it do please report back your results.

Thanks for sharing how you resolved this with everyone! Hopefully this'll help someone experiencing similar issues.

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Hey,i have the same sound devices, which one did u turn off?
the ones disabled are the ones with the little arrows in them.

Hope this helps
If this doesn't help make sure you do not have Intel® Driver Update Utility installed while running Windows 10. It causes a conflict that creates the same type of freezing with buzzing noise.

I found this checking the event viewer and I had alot of problems with a WILLAMETTE service (

So if you want to use it don't forget to uninstall or you will have a bad time.
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I expirience this problem with all Blizzard-(Launcher-)Games and got really frustrated.
Esp. at 3 AM I use to die, when this problem occures.

Maybe this thread should be moved to a general area so the "not wow players" will find it more easily.
I just got this problem. My computer did not Freeze or crash. But my did shut down and made a Schreeching Noice in my headphones. Nothing helped until I red this. I just Disabled all my Sound at the "Sound" tab in the control panel. And now it magicly works again
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