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Queria saber cual es el equipo de full agilidad para un picaro nivel 20. Ya que por ejemplo, hay anillos que fuera de bg solo tienen 3 de agilidad (poco) y en bg tienen 7 (muchisimo). Ya se cual es el equipo maximo para los alis, me falta solo saber un cinturon para uno de la horda. He pensado como para la alianza hay un cinturon que da 10 de agilidad, tambien lo tiene que haber para la horda. Si alguien sabe cual y como conseguirlo por favor decidmelo
These are English forums and you need to post in English otherwise your post will be removed.
If you are complaining about the crap PvP at 20:

- an Account Capped character is automatically placed in the 'marker' BG queue that XP-Locked characters are and Loomed Account characters should be put into;

- this means in short you will be facing twinks;

- as the bracket has (sadly, now eg BRD has returned to obscurity) returned to 20-29, this means people can theoretically field level 29 twinks;

- sadly people do, and even not just on their own but in premades (the eternal pox of PuG BG's);

- especially Horde of late has been doing this

meaning that you basically wait for a queue to pop only to face premades of 29's who even deem it necessary to jump on obstacles by means of gliders rocket boots etc. only ranged attacks can hit - which means e.g. Warriors and Rogues are screwed, tantamount to cheating.

At least for the time being you're better off re-rolling characters and stick to 10-19 as Ally.
I think he's asking for a bis list for a level 20 horde rogue, saying something about alliance having access to a 10 agility belt or something.
High school level spanish to the rescue.

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