[A + H] Paranoid, for those with Social Anxiety

Emerald Dream / Terenas
Hello, Cis Scum here, you wouldn't possibly have room for a mage in your raids would you?

If so, feel free to add me on addict#2353, thank you!
Bump for BFA!
Still here and somewhat active!
I'm looking for a guild for BFA I used to be a very confident player but have stopped healing and tanking which I used to love. I have a very long history on Emerald Dream, both on Horde and Alliance (2007) and decided to return to the server and my roots sort of! :) I would like to go back to healing (and maybe tanking), both on this char and my priest. I can't commit to a schedule but like to raid in casual way if I can.

I'm an older player and been a gamer for about 35 years :)
Applications can be delivered at www.paranoid-ed.com/ under the Contact section :)
are the guild still looking for hunter :D ?

add Ellikand#2510 if you've got any questions
Hey thinking of starting over fresh and was told about your guild. Would love to join if you don't mind low lvl?

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