[A-Raid25] Theramore Vanguard Seeks Roleplaying Raiders

Argent Dawn
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The Theramore Vanguard has been organizing raids for six years now. It is a community that was founded to explore the WoW raid content in-character and to provide room for role-playing in the raid zones while battling the evils of Azeroth.

Historically the community has always been made up of members from different guilds, though there is also a Theramore Vanguard guild. All raiding members will become IC members of the organization Theramore Vanguard (or trusted mercenaries), without necessarily having to be a member of the guild.

We do not use Ventrilo or other voice-comm to raid.

Just because we try to keep it IC and to enjoy RP in raids doesn't mean that we in any way lower our standards regarding raid viability. Full consumables, gear enhancements and tactical preparations are expected from every member. The community is full of mature and helpful people that support each other to achieve these ends.

Liaisons for applicants: Xenovieva, Gonthar, Saiho, Arthenas, Arydía, Begmurat or Borin.

Forum: http://www.thevanguard.eu/frm/
Application thread: http://www.thevanguard.eu/frm/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=3542

Recruitment February 2012:

Three damage dealers of any vocation.
Since three dwarven pictures in a row is good luck, I will bump this thread.
I am Commander Sallien Harrow, and this is my favourite raid community in the Citadel.
Now why did you have to go break the dwarf streak Sallien?

Anyway, as member of the Vanguard for less than six months I have to say I have not regretted joining and vanquishing evil beings in Azeroth.
Updating this.

    Our ranks currently need no more tanks, though damage dealers with tank skills are always an added and appreciated flexibility.

    We are looking to recruit one or two damage dealers, preferably ranged ones.

    We would welcome one more restoration druid.
*hacks thread with Axe of Approval(tm)*

If Nya wasn't an orc and I'd be on the other side of the fence, this bunch would be my first choice for raiding.
This thread needs more dwarves
It has five too many.
After a closed period we are opening some careful recruitment.
Awesome bunch! If you want to roleplay and raid at the same time, these are the folks to do it with.
My name is Obatala, and I approve of this message.

Beer belly bump. Not the Swedish ISP.
Bump for the V-guard.
This thread deserves a bump.
I say it deserves two.
*Pushes to the first page*
We've lost a few good dps and are recruting to fill those spots. Both ranged and melee applicants will be considered.
Sand pygmies ate one of our healers and so we are recruiting one more.

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