[A-Raid25] Theramore Vanguard Seeks Roleplaying Raiders

Argent Dawn
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Nakrul smells of warlock.
Silly mage!

On topic now, we need more shamans to help us defeat Raggy, anyone interested?
I've been raiding with these guys from the beginning of BC until the end of WoTLK and now from the perspective of someone retired from raiding I can safely say that's one of finest groups one could wish to be a part of.

On the other hand, the esteemed witch known as Nakrul (also known to haunt the roofs of Stormwind) will make sure you are served tea and cookies.
We want to recruit one more damage dealer. Though we are a bit crowded on some classes, your attitude and skill is the thing that matters the most.
Even with Raggy down we are still in need of Elemental Shamans to assist us in our Heroic adventures.
The warlock speaks true. With Ragnaros down we will start doing heroics in the coming reset.
We are recruiting one more healer, of any vocation really. Attitude and skill is more important than class at this time.

We are not really recruiting any damage dealers for now, though exceptional applications will always be considered.
15/10/2011 09:07Posted by Borin
We are not really recruiting any damage dealers for now, though exceptional applications will always be considered.

Oh well. :) Good luck with the raids.
In preparation for Deathwing, we are looking for a few good men. And women. And gnomes.

1-2 healers.
1-2 damage-dealers.
Come join us in Firelands and beyond!
Actually, join us at Wyrmrest Temple instead.
Psst, you've got something in your eye there, mr. Borin.
We are still looking for few brave raiders who would want to join us in our battles again that dragon!

I am pretty sure we have places for few healers and some range dps (still missing Elemental Shamans)....

..... ah those shamans ....
A dwarf warlock would just be awesome.
15/12/2011 18:51Posted by Borin
A dwarf warlock would just be awesome.

Do those exist ?
It's a brave new year and our fine and ancient community are looking for a good dps or two.
I would say atleast few ....
We have few spots open so lets have a small update on which classes are missing in our ranks :

  • One of each class would be lovely!

  • DPS:
  • Warriors
  • Shamans ( either will work but extra points go to elemental)
  • We will not say no to a Moonkin *smiles*
  • I hear that Paladins do good dps lately
  • Cat - you will see that we have many cat lovers in here *giggles*

  • That would be it. And well exceptional applications are always welcome.

    www.thevanguard.eu/frm for more info


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