"Mature Language Filter" keeps enabling itself.

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Hello all,

I have this weird problem recently. Every time I login, "Mature Language Filter" is somehow again turned on. I uncheck it every time. I don't exit the game via ALT-F4, by killing it or whatever. Simple "Exit Game".

I use the chat addon Chatter, but so far have been unable to find any such option in its own options, so I am sure (for the moment) that it isn't causing this.
Use "Log Out" next time - so it saves.
09/01/2011 11:28 AMPosted by Amarielle
Use "Log Out" next time - so it saves.

Or after you change the settings type "/reload ui" and that will work too. Though exiting the game should save it as well, not sure why that doesn't....
For the moment it seems to have sorted itself, only time will tell.

Thanks for replying. :)
For the moment it does seem "Applying non-critical updates" event at the start of the launcher does reproduce the buggy behaviour every time.

Every time WoW does that, "Mature Language Filter" magically enables itself when I login. :(

Anyone else having the same issue?
Do you have administrator privileges when launching the game Svetulka?
This bug is back.

Sorry for the necro.

Reloading UI does not save it, happens on log in every time, "show enemy debuffs" is also suffering from the bug that occured to "consolidate buffs" a while back (being off even though you turn it on, forcing you to turn it off and on again EVERY login).
As you can see here Sneezie, we are already aware.

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The Mature Language Filter keeps re-enabling itself.

Thanks for the report

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