Sending Heirlooms Across Realms

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One solution that has been hinted to earlier is the use of a vendor in a similar way the guild reward vendors are used.

Once a BOA is bought it registers the aquisition with not only the realm database or record but also the account. When creating a new character on a diffrent server to the one with BOA items bought, a vendor at every start area will have the full selection of BOA items, this vendor can also exist in major cities. The only BOA items available (not blanked out and red) are those that match IDs in the player's BattleNet account. Some players will have a multiple of a boa item so it can simply dispense that number to the player, at any time.

When you create your new character you can access this vendor and choose to take the BOA items you have on your account, once done they are blanked and red, this means they are dynamic in that if you buy another duplicate, upon accessing that vendor it will be available.

The player may choose not to take all available in the thier inventory and can later access the ones in the major city to retrieve them.

Accessing the vendor on another new character on that server will result in simply blanked out items which you already have in your inventory on that server, however items you have not yet retrieved will still be there and available.

EX: player creates a new character on a new server, they have a dagger boa 2 chest pieces and two trinkets, the first character takes the dagger and a chest piece and 2 trinkets.

The player later creates another character, the dagger is no longer selectable nor the trinkets or the previously taken chest piece but the other chest piece is.

The player creates a third character on the same realm, when accessing the vendor, none of the items can be taken.

The realm DB is the dynamic update of character inventory, play ect.. but the BOA items in a similar vein to the purchased mounts and pets are created via a static record from the BattleNet account itself. The items cannot be duplicated on a single realm due to a record of how many on that realm. If the player decides to delete all characters on the realm then no inventory exists to duplicate. Transfers to another server with duplicate BOA items may cause an issue but the transfer can check this as the BattelNet record only increments duplicate BOA items upon purchase, upon transfer if it finds the inventory now exceeds that number then the BOA on the transfer Id is removed.

This also allows for scaling in that the guild BattleNet items can be included if desired.

This also means that as soon as a new BOA item is purchased on any realm it is added to the BattleNET account record, once you login to another realm it can check this and if you visit the vendor you will see that the BOA item is now available to you.

EX: player purchased a dagger BOA on realmA then logs in to realmB, player logs onto a character (level is irrelevant) and goes to the vendor and will notice that the dagger is now available to them, if not taken at that time it will stay available to any new or exiting character on that realm till put into the players inventory.

This simply has the realmDB handling the duplicates and availability with the BattleNet DB being the initialiser. BattleNet DB init are used already with regards to purchased items but relate to every new character instead of a realm.
For years people have been asking this, you know why ?
Servers are dying and some have a retarded horde / ally ratio thanks to the faction change option.

I am not going to pay for another tranfer....The server i was on was always medium and no low.
Same goes for my new server who was medium and is now low.....

Not going to keep paying for this stuff, its blizzard faulth not mine, they can open free migration like they used to do in the old days.

because we're wanting to encourage people to use paid Character Transfers

C'mon Blizz we already pay £8.99 a month

This issue needs to be attended!! now stop designing pandas and improve the amazing game you already have!
Have to agree this is more important that Panda's lol
The only way you are going to do cross realm heirloom transfer is by sending a toon with the heirlooms on a character transfer, either the free service if available or as a paid service if you want it that badly.
need this ASAP. really want to level a new char but almost impossible on other realm! please hurry blizz
sorry im asking but i heard that patch 4.3 make that you can trade heirloom across server... so is that right please? :)
In 4.3?
I seriously doubt it... only 1.5 years have passed since they said "We're working on it!" :-)

You must understand, that removing the stupid "char-per-realm" cap and this "mail across realms" stuff is SOOOO HARD to implement, that more than 100 gnomish engineers are working on it for the last 18 months!
its on the To Do List for like 2 years.....
People begged blizzard to implement this to no succes.

Maybe blizzard is to busy making bind on account pets and mounts for $$$ ?
These are made in rapid succes and account wide when you create a new character -_-
Seems like sending heirloom items between server is as complicated as sorting characters on login screen...

Can we finally have it?
If they made them cross-realm then people wouldn't pay to x-fer characters with gear on them, specifically.. Quite a lot of people do this.

A simple solution would be to have an heirloom vendor at all starting areas that your account unlocks certain bits of gear from from justice points from your mains..

Alternatively, they could post heirlooms you earn to every character you make, just like paid for mounts/pets/anniversary items.
I assume everyone who knows a bit about networking must know what the issue is.
The thing is that different realms would be hosted on different servers on different locations and they don't have any link between them whatsoever. So you just can't mail the item cross realm in a fasion you will do it inside the realm. Blizzard will either have to host a completely new server for that purpose which i am pretty sure they are not willing to do or else they will have to implement something different like account wide achievement that will give you access to the npc to purchase it no matter the realm.

But then again your newly made character on a different realm won't be able to afford the price for heirlooms and when he/she will be then there will be no need for heirlooms anymore.

That's why character transfer service takes time and is not instant because blizzard actually have to move the character files manually.
because there would be way less merit to the character migration since you can just send your heirlooms there and start over, takes you a day to get to 30-40 if you got time
So daise says

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85 Night Elf Druid
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I assume everyone who knows a bit about networking must know what the issue is.
The thing is that different realms would be hosted on different servers on different locations and they don't have any link between them whatsoever. So you just can't mail the item cross realm in a fasion you will do it inside the realm.

well how come in guildwars you can realm jump all you like? for free instantaneously? Blizzard just want to take as much of your money as they possibly can.
Can you send it now or not?
11/12/2011 12:31Posted by Bløwme
Can you send it now or not?

I'm afraid not.
11/12/2011 12:31Posted by Bløwme
Can you send it now or not?

I wish.

sort it out blizzard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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