Hello fellow priests.

So doing any secret priest stuff?

I of course know everything about our secret priest stuff but you should tell me about them so I do not tell any warlocks about it.
You seem legit, my priestly friend.
yes, I'm a real priest.
So me being a real priest who loves uuuh...healing people and stuff I know everything there is to know about order 66, but just in case you have forgotten please tell us so we know that you are a real priest.
Order 66 is not quite as good as order 69, basically it is our master plan to one day stop healing people and just !@#$ them in the %^-. Literally.
I prefer order #61: "Those who are on follow shall be lead into lava".

Order #1 is obviously "Thou shall heal people on nefarian during your class call", but due to lack of BWL raiding this has been rendered void by now.
Ah yes, order 69 my favorite plan as a priest.

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