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I sent two tickets yesterday because of scams. Both of them transmog runs.

The first one was in BWL. A level 70 rogue player created a Group Finder group and i joined it. The first boss was on Group Loot, and we both used Greed on what we didn't want and Need on items we wanted. After the second boss the rogue changed it to Master Looter. He left most of the loot in the bosses because he didn't need anything and i didn't have a chance to roll them. When i asked him to change loot type he didn't say anything. On the last boss a shaman piece dropped and i wanted it, but he said that he wrote it into the group finder that every loot is his loot. (Problem #1 He left most of the loot in the bosses, Problem #2 He changed the group finder description when i said i wanted the loot.) He even wanted me to pay for it so it was basically a joke. Blizz support said that because they were no loot rules mentioned in the chat the master looter can do anything.

At this point you can say: Why didn't i leave the group? The answer is that because of the movement slow part i fell behind and the rogue killed bosses by the time i arrived, and i only noticed it there. This means i got the saves and that time i though we will share loots with rolls or something.

The second one was in Terrace of Endless Springs. Since i can't solo it i found a group and joined it. The group leader was really nice. It was on Group Loot and when i asked for rules he said i can press Need on items i want to wear(transmog) and Greed on others. The first 2 bosses went perfectly, but on the third one others joined us. After the kill, a mage Needed on everything and took a Shaman belt. This belt has so low drop chance that this was the first time i've seen it since i started these runs.(I did this run 17 times and only one belt dropped. If we count in that two bosses drop this item its 34 kills.) The mage got the loot and since we had rules i told him it's a shaman loot and since they were no other shamans it was basically my roll. Without any response he left.(I think he got scared or something because he didn't know what was happening). If another shaman would've taken it i wouldn've any problems because that's fair, he/she can use it too.

This time Blizz Supp said that since it was on Group Loot he had the right to roll Need on it and since we had the same chances it's "fair".

When i used to lead Normal/HC raids and transmog runs I always stated the loot rules and tried to be as fair as i can and i didn't have any problem because everyone knew the rules and there were no problems.

From these two cases the only thing i can think about is that i can basically change to Master Looter and get anything i want because if i don't let them know the loot rules in the chat they can't get me even if i don't want those items and i'll just sell them. This way it's impossible to fall in situations like the second one. I want it i take it.

Is this fair? With so many ways to get away with this stuff?

If i want to play fair and there is a guy who just doesn't care about the rules he can freely get away with it and Blizz can't do anything because he "didn't do anything bad according to the basic rules". Of course there is nothing bad clicking on a button in a video game. But it's not that simple if you play in a group/with a community.

I know these were only transmog runs but since i can only do them once a week and i pay for game time they should do something about these situations. Moreover, these rules can be used in the current raiding situations so basically everyone can take anything if they know how to play with the rules.
BWL is a level 60 raid and should be very easy for you.

I didn't think you could need on stuff that's for a different class in Dungeons about level 70 and above.
I can solo it but the first boss is tricky so i usually do the raid with someone else. No problem until now. Worked perfectly.
It's better never to join a group with Masterloot or leave if it's changed in the middle. It's the option aimed at guild groups where everyone actually knows and trusts each other.
Hello Karlaana,

It's unfortunate incidents like these can happen, but we (customer support) can only interfere if clear rules were stated before hand, and not adhered to.

It's also important to note that our Game Masters will take action where possible, but will not redistribute loot.

To avoid this from happening in the future, please see our Ninja Looting Policy support article.

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