RACE CHANGE (alliance)

Hi im about to race change a hunter, what is ur favorite hunter race on alliance...


Hmmm, i'm not an alliance fan, that to be said, but i always liked Dwarves for Hunters, with the right mog and a bear pet you can get a nice feeling of a marksman.

P.s Those glorious beards though!
Human, all my toons except my mage and druid are human, they have the best pvp racial and the 10% rep boost is good as well.
I like the night elf for a hunter race. However, the armor these days makes it look more like a warrior kind of character. But female night elves are still my top pick. Male human hunters would be number 2. The armor looks so much better on them compared to male night elves. If you already got a male night elf, just go to durnholde keep (where you are transformed to a human) and see what it will be like.
Gnome hunter with their robo pet and energeering 715 and +5 adunal focus. Gnome hunters to game ffs.
Draenei males have a nice terminator swing to their guns.
Female NE :)
Pandaria female has moust realitic aim on guns they tilt teir head to can see tru the sniper scope before fire the gun like a pro hunter do .
There is only one choice. Roll Dwarf, and claim your destiny.

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