LvL 70 Legacy raiding Outland Ally

Like the title says this will be about Legacy raiding. Me and a few friends have recently started a legacy raiding guild on Outland EU and are looking to recruit a few more members, our rules atm are:

* BoA gear allowed while leveling but must be removed once u hit 70
* Transmoging is not allowed
* Enchants/Gems must be from TBC ( epic gems allowed once we get into BT)
* No boosting from ppl higher than lvl 70 for gear
* While gearing in Heroics , MGT is not allowed until we have started Sunwell
* For 10m raids grp size is 5 players for the 25m raids we will have grps of 10 players
* Item Level cap at 115 before we start raiding kara ( will be incresed with each new raid tier)
* All gear from raids must be acquired while in guild grp

For more info add Nemine#2668
Do you guys use horse and carriage IRL? FKDATNGR
Hi, I added you as "Puffin666" to ask for joining
Forgot to mention that buying gear from the old Justice Point vendors in Shatt / Isle is not allowed same with any and all PvP gear
Yeah, I've added you aswell in hopes of getting in with you guys :P
add me bonjwa#2477 I'm interested

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