Why i cannot find any main story?

29/08/2015 21:12Posted by Yllxahir
Since the cataclysm old zones have changed including quests, wich means that recnt events after the wc3 are not found in-game allot. I'd advice you to pick up the novels instead and start reading those.

What Vanilla novels actually there are?
29/08/2015 20:03Posted by Eggha
Thank you.

You will also find confusing game mechanics especially levels of mobs and characters so I advice you to level in zones for your level.
I play wow too because of wc3 , the moment a wc4 comes i will canel my wow subscription directly. s others said, cataclysm butchered leveling. Alot of the original area quests are not in game anymore, and you level so quickly trough zones you are bound to miss quests because you outlevel them too quickly.

in vanilla it was more an open world where you were an adventurer, helping people with minor quests, like killing wild animals, gathering ingredients etc. And some major threats ( not world threatening but dangerous like naxxramas, the firelord etc. In vanilla there was lore , plenty just not streamlined !@#$ for 1 big bad guy that came since cata.

Also i would like to note that cataclysm replaced alot of good zones with warcraft story, with indiana jones, rambo and csi. and similair %^-*.

you wont get the story directly, do what i did since i joined since early tbc. Lurk on the forums, and learn more about the lore. And explore in game, find quests you might have skipped before or them being of another faction. do dungeons and the quests in it. and read books and notes that are spread over the world.

I never read the novels about WoW, but from being on the forum i pretty much kno thema bit

Also take lore information elasir gives you with a pinch of salt, he doesnt always seem to know things right
I think it will be never created. The exist of wc4 will end the wow and I don't think blizzard will allow that since they gaining their major income from wow.
31/08/2015 21:04Posted by Eggha
blizzard will allow that since they gaining their major income from wow

Actually if I'm not mistaken WoW's value as their major revenue creator has been dropping quite dramatically to point they don't really care that millions have unsubbed. That is because smaller games like Heartstone have taken like wildfire so they make much more profit from there than from WoW because there are less development costs.

Any way the major storylines are often tied to a zone. The most of zones have massive quest chain linking everything together thus creating a narrative to the whole zone; some zones are better than others with it. Then there are some larger plot lines like say WotLK's story which spans over whole expansion. However because theme park nature of World of Warcraft zones are locked behind levels so you cannot go directly experience WotLK's story when you created your character. First you need to experience the content between level 1 and 68.

If you want better handled and more cohesive narrative of a story in Warcraft universe I warmly recommend the novels. After all their narrative is not bogged down by gameplay like World of Warcraft is.
29/08/2015 16:17Posted by Eggha
I have the all expansions but all i do is side quests. I saw a trailer that we kill Artras(Lich King). Catalsym etc. But i did none. while i am level 15 or someting I went Lorderon for a mission and Quest giver mentioned about Lich King is killed. So where am i doing wrong? Game is great but i cannot see any story. I joined the wow to see what happens after wc3 and i am disappointed.

What you need is a time machine to get you back to 2004 and go from there.
I ,joine at WoD and had honestly no idea of what was going on, even by trying NOT to rush dungeons and doing as many quests as possible. I had to spend quite some time trying to watch lore videos (nobbel87 is great) which helped me to learn the lore and make the game enjoyable
"Alright, young Pandaren, you have gotten here from your isle and you see, that guy's Garrosh Hellscream, Warchief of the Horde. That other guy, Vol'jin, is also the Warchief. Don't ask questions, it just works like that. Now, let's go back in time to the cataclysm era to show you how much Deathwing shattered the world. Who's Deathwing, you ask?"

"Anyway, it doesn't matters. Let's go even further back to see the opening of the Dark Portal and venture into Outland for no reason. Suddenly, the Lich King has awakened and you must defeat the Plague, even while he's been defeated already in your timeline. Now that you're done, let's go back to the cataclysm era to show you the new zones that appeared, because... eye candy? Anyway, now let's go back to the original timeline. Where's Garrosh, you ask? And why is the Vale destroyed? Boy, that's a long story. Let's move on."
"Now, go to Draenor and go kill him. Good luck."

- Quote from Reddit thread: 'Man, leveling a character from 1-100 as a new player must be horribly confusing, lore-wise'.

Couldn't say that better myself.
Well anyone with half a brain will realize as the story progresses that also character bio does, no one will think 'Wait a second why is Garrosh in Outland, Northrend and Draenor now?' it's all quite obvious.
Its obvious that lore and role playing game system sucks and everyone who deny that is idiot.
01/09/2015 13:34Posted by Elasir
Its obvious that lore and role playing game system sucks and everyone who deny that is idiot.

Actually "Role Playing Game System" is awesome way to run a story if that system is properly made for the job. Look at great RPGs like Dragon Age Origins and Baldur's Gate series or if you go even more back to RPG roots Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder. What doesn't work really with flowing narrative is Theme Park Massive Multiplayer setting because unlike on normal RPGs where you are either alone or have a small group of friends every body, millions of people, in Theme Park MMO needs to be able to experience the same content while having ability to interact with other players meaning players simply cannot be big variable on the world itself beyond some flavour text and clever phasing. The reason why expansions rarely have any new content for new players is also quite simple; Blizzard Entertainment assumes the most of players are max level thusly they focus on bringing new content to those people since the old content is no longer relevant to the new expansion.

If you wanted a flowing narrative the first thing we would need to do in Theme Park MMO was to get rid of leveling thusly every quest would be equally challenging. However that would ruin quite large part of progression within the game.

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