Prediction for tomorrow

the transport expansion, you get an airbase and trainyard for your garrison
Blood and Thunder.
We gonna get hyped :)
A fairly grey and damp stat to the day, with some patchy light rain in places. The cloud will break up through the morning, leaving a direr, brighter afternoon. With a light breeze, it will feel pleasant in any sunshine.
They'll promise stuff.
Then they dont deliver in 6-8 months
we say "But you promised"
cool, whens the next patch after 7.2?

8 hours and 29 minutes left.
I wont be holding my breath, for the first time in years of playing this game I'm simply unexcited at the prospects of a new expansion, I know I'll take anything they say tonight with a grain of salt.
-Remove EMFH (ahahahahha, no)
-Bring back the Lich King Legacy.
-Bring back Mal'ganis, since it seems one of the characters thar mostly incarnate the mastermind of evil that cannot be defeated but always running away to plot another diabolic plan to destroy Azeroth.
-Horde and Alliance will become as a sole faction, and a new Faction of evil forces comes up and let players to a one way decision to join or not.
-Holinka will be officlally Fired at 19:00 in front of everyone.
Onyxia will be back to unleash the inevitable doom upon us, brace yourselves and behold the tools of death and destruction... ლ(・ิω・ิლ)

Anu Belore Dela'na
They can say what they want, i will not believe a word untill expansion is on market for 1-2 months. Wod was hyped so much, launched unfinished cos suits wanted profit asap, so many bad decisions and they lied about flying from the start. They didn't want to give us flying at all. All this we got in wod was with twice as much devs than before, they said. Yea, we believe that. I think their best teams working on other games and b and c teams on wow.
As usualy they will hype it today with lots of everything, offering you free Overwatch or something if you preorder or some mount, expansion will include free lvl 100 boost but expansion will cost 10 euros more than wod so it will not be free boost. etc.
They are gonna prune the classes even more. We are all going to suffer the fate of arms warrior. :(
They will promise the world (of warcraft).

And give us Garrishon 2.0.

This, I want this. They said it won't be out for WoD and most likely the next expansion, so now I wants it. They better not have cut this and put it on the back burner. The only thing I was really excited and still looking forward to.
Xzibit will pimp some rides to Blizzard and we get to vote which faction has better wheels.

And after that announcement that all the budget went to that and we have to play WoD for three more years enjoy that 25-35 months of Hellfire citadel...

Metzen walks in the smoke laughing like a champion while some forgotten band from the 90's plays rock and or roll.
05/08/2015 20:53Posted by Kashagi
05/08/2015 20:30Posted by Vert
6.2.1 release date and some damage control.

This.. And they think they will prob get brownie points for this.. I am not so easily bought with a crappy announcement of when flying will be implemented as its over due as it is.

I'm expecting 6.2.1 to launch next week since they released a possible release candidate on the ptr today.
05/08/2015 20:31Posted by Eridu
Wrathion and Anduin will get married.

You Sir, win the internet.
05/08/2015 20:29Posted by Gulsane
I'm certain tomorrow they will announce that horde and alliance can raid together.

Feel free to add yours

6th is today dude not tomorrow :D

btw what ever it is, quest line will be cool, and rest will be just big Nope.
- legendary garrisons for players
- classes removed, roles used instead.
- you can hide shoulder slot items now

The next expansion - to be announced later on today - will just see us get milked harder than a Tauran on market day.

Thats the only thing the suits in charge care about these days. Maximizing profit with minimizing effort.

I refuse to get excited by it. And I will not be drawn into any Blizzard hype. Alpha and Beta reviews will be the only source of information Im going to take any notice of.

Post release... these forums, especially the GENERAL section will be my main source of information.

Players... reviewing WoW 7.0... for other Players.

The Blizzard marketing and spin can jump of a cliff for all I care.
I think there will be a mass unsubscription and people will cry on the forums about it.

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